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Cieldros Federation

In this new land that we set foot upon shall we start anew

    -Cieldrin aronhark founding the federation


The federation  as a federal monarchy where seperate state and provinces are governed by their respective lords each belonging to a noble family, they are appointed by the royal council whom are the main legislative body of the federation and only answer directly to the monarch, the sole sovereign of the federation whom is a part of the royal bloodline


The cieldrosian culture is varies depending on where one finds himself, those in the east are more practical, the more develop citizens of the west are more honor bound and are somewhat elitist   They have a loyalist mindset putting their nation, people and faith above all

Public Agenda

The federation has been historically associated with expanding it's territories and presumably providing a security and opportunity


The federation is currently the wealthiest nation in riel with it's geographical location and access to resource being quite favorable, however they have not been able to expand further due to difficulties of colonization in the east


The federation was originally founded by a historical figure known as Cieldrin Aronhark who led his fleet of stranded refugees to the land of cieldros named after him and forming both the organization and the  Aronhark bloodline who will rule the land   The early federation would expand and wage war against  the natives of cieldros whom they will absorb to be a compliant state for the nation eventually coming into conflict with the significantly stronger tribes of prestonia and outlanders  both the federation and prestonia would formed a non agression pact with one another after a hard and bloody naval conflict so that the federation might allocate it's resource to fight the outlander barbarians instead   during the 3rd era the federation would face many challenges, their 5th sovereign and much of the royal council would be slain by an Amalgari horde that breached through rigfort which was the  current capital city and the weakening of the federations leadership would spark hostile revolts with a particular band of rebellious lords seeking to overthrow the royal bloodline, only through the interference of a mysterious benifactor did the chaos was stopped and the royal bloodline saved and safeguarded on the new capital of romarchia   In the current 4th era the federation had expanded eastwards further coming into conflict with more outlander tribes and the Aeurunite Theocracy whom saw their expansion as encroachment upon their territory and sacred grounds

Demography and Population

The Federations population is made up primarily of native born cieldrosians whom the a significant number of are workers and laborers in the Agri and industrial section across its upper northern and eastern territories   A significant population of foreigners are recorder to be present in the federation aswell most of which are foreign traders who sell their goods to federation or a small number of migrants attempting to settle in cieldros


The federation holds the entirety of cieldros giving them an abundance of resource and have formed settlements outside their homeland albiet with great difficulty maintaining them


While the ground and air forces of the federation is in its self a formidable.fightinng force, it is their naval fleet that is their greatest military asset, altho not technologically superior compared to that of the Aeurunite ship, theirs make up for in numerical Superiority, was primarily used for expeditions and anti piracy campaigns before the start of the federation Aeurunite war

Technological Level

Altho most of their ancient technological records and blueprints have been lost, they still holding numerous  archives of scientific knowledge and discovery, the federation is one of the few factions that have achieved a substantial degree of technological advancement, especially in clockwork and fuel technology


Currently the official religion of the federation and of most of cieldros is the belief in a monotheistic god named solur the light, according to religious beliefs,  during the dark days before the people found cieldros, cieldric aronhark had communed with the god solur, the deity gave him a powerful device that when properly used would light them their path for salvation in the darkest of days, and so it was the temple of solur would be founded to give thanks and reverence to the god who guided the people

Foreign Relations

The federations expansionist policy often makes it hostile to most of the other nations of reil save for a few such as the prestonians league and it's vassal state of Norckan principality   Currently the federation wages war against the outlander people of the east to claim and protect their territory, the Aeurun Theocracy is also hostile to the federation and despite both being considerably apart they both have fought Limited naval battles against each other with the Aeurunite superior ships being only countered with the federations numerical Superiority

Agriculture & Industry

The landscape of western cieldros is perfect for growing vast fields of wheat and other plants giving the federation and it's people ample food to sustain itself, the drier climates of eastern cieldros while not as fertile houses rich mineral deposited and oil to be used in its great industrial foundries up north

Trade & Transport

Transportation of goods is vital to the maintenance of the federation held frontiers and to a lesser degree cieldros itself, as such the federation employs numerous ways to transport goods and supplies be it through railways that cut through the land or using it's coastal trading post to deliver across the vast ocean goods and people


Education varies from individual to individual but is primarily centered around the highborn, whilst it's common people are still well educated those of higher status are privileged to higher levels of education, those in the far east of cieldros and the frontier region are noted for lacking education due to prioritization of other more important matters

Tenets of Faith

The tenets based on the cieldiric creed Are a set of laws pertaining to honor and loyalty as the most valuable of virtues for a individual to have according to Solur


Temples dedicated to Solur are found plenty across cieldros, mainly in cities where larger congregations can form where people may offer worship to their god, this is a practice done plenty of times in a single month, especially by the faithful

"For The Homeland"

Founding Date
16 of late spring
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Federation
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Ceidlic gold is it's primary form of currency
Major Exports
The Federation primarily exports food resources with western cieldros geographical location allowing it to grow in abundance, their second export is their refined alloy from their forges used in ship building or weapons crafting
Major Imports
Aside from unique exotic goods found only in the eastern expanse, the federation imports large amounts of raw material such as minerals and fuel from the eastern Territories to be used in their industrial forges
Legislative Body
The royal council belonging to the greater noble houses are it's main legislative body, often they held meetings to discuss pressing matters of governance,and military action and appoint lords to govern a selected state mostly based on the individuals merits, any large scale action by the royal council however firstly requires the approval of the sole sovereign
Judicial Body
Each state lord are allowed to govern their respective states with their own interpretation of the law so long they do not go against them and the rules set up by the royal council lest they have their assets and title revoke, any form of rebellion by the lesser lords is swiftly and brutally extinguish by the sovereigns own elite army
Executive Body
Altho both the state lord and the royal council have the authority to enforce laws which the latter being much more so, the sole sovereign holds the greatest executive power in the federation, his/her will overrides all state laws and the laws of the royal council capable of acting with impunity for any who opposes their will are under threat of swift and brutal reprisals, much to the relief of the lesser state lords however the current sovereign is content with letting them govern as they wish only acting in times of great stress or need
Neighboring Nations

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