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Elder of Losla

Losla, the City that Walks is a very informal society. The Elder is selected by Valyti and the general consensus of people. The only qualifications they must have is a master of Tortoise School magic and be, well, old. The current elder is Oskar Veiss.   The Elder oversees disputes and governing decisions. Advisors can be appointed to help, but it is mostly a one man show. However, the people of Losla are largely self governing. The Flatlands are harsh and unforgiving. Everyone must work together to ensure Losla's and Valyti's survival. To this end, the population of Losla largely gets along and cooperates.   The Elder and the Advisors are held in high esteem by the people. They are knowledgeable about survival in the Flatlands, where the oasis are, the seasons, the weather, the animals, and of course, the magic that Valyti is connected to. In some respects the Elder oversees the people of Losla and is the caretaker for Valyti at the same time.


The highest position of this government system is Elder. They are caretakers of Losla and of Valyti.   Next is Advisor. They help the Elder in day to day duties and handle small matters.   The citizens of Losla make up the rest of the population.

Public Agenda

The Elder and their Advisors have two main concerns, protect the people of Losla and protect Valyti, The Tortoise Tender. Other than that, they are extremely neutral in world affairs. Just like the demanding environment they live in, the Elder of Losla recognizes that resources for survival can come from unexpected places. This means none are enemies and all are potential allies.
Geopolitical, City-state
Oskar Veiss
Government System
The Flatlands
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