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Crown of Awane

The Crown of Awane is the governing body for the City of Flowers. It is the seat of power in Thousand Lakes.   The Crown does not fall to the decendents of the current Emperor or Empress. Awane is a kratocracy and only the strongest or most cunning can lay claim to the Crown. However, physical violence or intimidation is looked down upon. The strongest prove themselves by playing The Game. It is an infinite struggle for power among the people in Awane. There are several ways to rise to the top, beauty, cunning, intelligence, or skill. The top players often have more than one. The current Claimer is Empress Miyata Yasu. No one has challenged her Claim for 10 years. The last woman to do so failed and disappeared without a trace.   While the ascension to power is unique, the Crown of Awane behaves much like a monarchy. The social structure is based off The Game. The newspapers always try to rank the players. Its not something that can be nailed down. The other players just know who is on top and who is on bottom. Huge power shifts occur when hidden advantages and alliances are made. Information is king and if you know something that no one else does, it can be a weapon with incredible power, when used at the right time.

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