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Continent of Rhunec

The continent of Rhunec is a single landmass that contains many different climates.   In the far north, the region called The Pine Coast is frozen tundra and has snow year around.   The Northern Mountains stretch across Rhunec, just below the Pine Coast. They have snow on the highest peaks through summer but have lush sheltered valleys between the wind whipped peaks.   The Senchineru Forest stretches from the southern border of the Pine Coast, all along the eastern coast of Rhunec, to the northern board of The Coastal Range. This massive forest has several climates, from temperate coniferous forests in the north to tropical and sub tropical jungle near Thousand Lakes.   The region of Thousand Lakes has tropical forests and beautiful lakes. The region is especially known for its beautiful flowers.   North of Thousand Lakes and south of the Northern Mountains, is the Lake Trivera region. This area has mild weather and phenomenal farm land, it is the breadbasket of Rhunec.   To the west and south of Lake Trivera is Ponticupo Bay. This coastal area is the main artery of trade for the Trivera River and onwards to Celletia.   South of Ponticupo Bay and west of Thousand Lakes are The Flatlands. This harsh region is made up of mostly savanah plains with sandy desert in the center.   South of the Flatlands is The Coastal Range. This area enjoys milder weather due to the warm Divya Sea along its coast. The hills can be incredibly warm and can be very dry during the summer.   There are currently nine city states organized on Rhunec. They are

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