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Crimson Stone

Crimson stone is a naturally occurring mineral in Rhamas. It is highly sought after by the Brecar people and used by them constantly. It is toxic in high doses to any other species.


Geology & Geography

Crimson Stone can be found in most of the world by anyone looking to dig deep enough, but is most commonly found in mountainous regions.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Though it is used in countless different ways by the Brecar people, the most common use for Crimson Stone is intravenously. It is ground into a fine dust and mixed with a carefully calculated cocktail of liquids and minerals to create a physical and mental stimulant that Brecar use to enhance their abilities and creative capactiy.


After prolonged and frequent internal use by a Brecar, Crimson Stone can have effects similar to those of modern narcotics and can seriously damage the genetic material the Brecar passes on to their children. The stone-like skin Brecar are known for is one of the by-products of Crimson Stone use over several generations.

Crimson Stone, as the name would suggest, is a deep red color.

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