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The Sovereign Seven

From the Nexus 7 colors came to be, with voice and hand they shaped the world. By their hand they shaped the protectors that shielded the world from hands of fiends, and by their word is order brought to the elements.

Mythology & Lore

The Seven are said to have shaped the world in its creation. They created the Nexus as a font of life by which the world could thrive. However, the six quarreled amongst themselves about the best way in which to shape this new world. Each attempted to shape the world in their own image, and each resulted in rampant destruction. When the quarrelling ended, the Seven had reached a conclusion. They would each take a turn shaping the world in their image, and that which was the most successful would remain. In six days and six nights each sovereign took their turn reshaping the world.    En created a world upon the air, but in his carelessness did not account that a world of wind would have no place for those who stand. When his world failed, he placed it amongst the skies, and quickly grew bored of it.   Mara created vast oceans filled with life, but drowned the world's lands bringing ruin. When her world failed, she placed it in the heart of a sea so that it could remain eternally, and grew ever invested in her own tiny world.   Aurra created great continents and mountains, which turned to wasteland and crags as it dried, beautiful in splendor, but desolate of life. When her world failed, she placed it in at the heart of a mountain, so that it could grow evermore.    Igni created a world of flame and fire, so entranced with his passion and anger that he did not consider those who lived in it. When his world had nothing left to fuel the flame, all that remained was ash. When his world failed he placed it at the heart of a crater, a flame ever burning, his passion remained.   Deus filled the world with light, so that none may need to fear the dark. But without the change that darkness brings, Deus's world stood at a standstill, a statue of meaningless perfection. When his world failed, he placed it at the heart of a sun, to light the world, and remind it of the need for order.   Nolct extinguished any light that remained. A world of darkness where no order held sway. But its people lived in fear, and without order their societies crumbled. When her world failed she placed it in a void of shadow, a beacon of freedom for those that seek refuge from the light.   Orphan however, was content to create nothing. He said look upon the world as it is now. Though the continents have broken, the oceans dried, the flames smoldering, the winds carry debris, and light and dark contend with each other, the people prosper. It is in balance that harmony can be found, not in selfish wants of god or man.    The Seven agreed upon this notion, and though they sought to protect their creations, they had nearly destroyed them in the process. Thus they resolved themselves to retreat to their domains in the Astral Sea, and leave their creations to carve their own destinies. The worlds they had created however, remained in the form of the Great Elemental Nodes. It would be from these elements that they would create protectors to watch the world in their stead. The Gods of the Land.   This story, which has been passed down from the worlds beginnings has formed the core of the Seven's religious practices.  Walk in the light of the elements, for only in their balance can true harmony be found.

Cosmological Views

Followers of the Sovereign Seven order the world in terms of the elements, believing the the world is comprised entirely of Ether initially created by the Seven. Each of the Seven Sovereigns is believed to have a godly realm among the Astral Sea in which their element reigns supreme. Though, due to the nature of the religion it is not ones goal to reach these realms in death but instead to attain true balance and reach a realm of perfect balance known as Al-Astra. Followers of the Sovereign Seven believe that if one leads an unbalanced life, they are doomed to suffer an unbalanced afterlife in one of the Elemental Realms, before being re-born into the material world once their punishment has ended.

Tenets of Faith

  • Lead a balanced life, as one who devotes themselves solely to one thing is doomed to failure.
  • Walk in the light of the elements, and honor them as they are the breath of life that sustains the world.
  • Be willing to sacrifice ones own ambitions for the good of all


The core ideology of the Sovereign is that of Balance in all things. Every aspect of ones life should strive to be balanced and rounded. Following order blindly, or shunning it is considered unbalanced, just as devoting ones life solely to work, or shunning it entirely. Notably however, the Sovereign does not see good and evil as something that needs balance however, as all of the Seven Sovereigns are seen as "good" and thus a truly balanced being must also be "good".


Worship of the Seven Sovereign is typically done at one of many shrines, or in a place amongst the elements. Paying respect to the elements is as much a part of everyday life as it is part of the faith itself.    Typical rituals include leaving offerings for elementals, various prayers to the elements, and if one is able a Pilgrimage to at least one of the Great Elemental Nodes or the Faythe itself.


Priests of the Sovereign Seven typically are members of the Church of Heptivita, however some choose not to follow the Church's doctrine and blaze their own path of faith.

Granted Divine Powers

The powers granted by the Seven Sovereigns are vast and varied depending on how one practices their devotion, and the specific balance they seek to bring. Almost any Cleric domain can fit under the umbrella of the Sovereign, as a worshipper of the Sovereign as a whole, or as a devotee to a specific god as an elemental priest. Similarly, most Paladin Oaths can fit as a follower of the Sovereign. Many druids or sorcerers may also be applicable to followers of the Sovereign such as a Wildfire Druid who follows Igni, or a Storm Sorcerer who is a reincarnated Speaker of En or Mara.

In the light of the elements

Founding Date
Unknown, but worship of the Six can be traced back to the oldest recorded history.
Religious, Pantheon
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