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Lodarr, the God of Work and Labor.   And the currency that bears his name.   The Lodarr.   The Lodarr is the national currency belonging to the continent of Rethium, and is used in all methods of trading, exchange and payments for common daily labor for the national work force. It is one of the first currencies to have been invented after the continent of Rethium was inhabited.   The Lodarr was produced from gold, and was given three original values when it was first created, these being the One value Lodarr, the Five value Lodarr and the Ten value Lodarr. They were in circulation from around roughly five-hundred AB (After Birth) of the Rethium timeline to seven-hundred AB, as the economy at the time was believed to be working it's way up to a stable plane, but had not yet fully established their hold over the continent and the people. It is unknown what was used for currency until the five-hundreds, although it is thought that some other form of coin or value was used, as the trading and value system was shown to have some method of exchange before the Lodarr came into existence. The only reason that the Lodarr did not come into play earlier than it was recorded was because the Dwarven race had yet to discover the metal, as they are the race credited with doing so before the rest of the world.   But as time went on, more values were created. The next to follow was the Ten value Lodarr, quickly followed by the Fifteen and Twenty-five value Lodarr, with the Fifty value Lodarr following not far behind. Also created but not widely used is the One-Hundred value Lodarr. It is the highest value coin in existence in the nations in modern times.   The metals used to craft these coins are Bronze (One), Copper (Five), Silver (Ten), Gold (Fifteen/ Twenty-five) and Spadian (Fifty), with the rare metal Apralt being used for the One-Hundred value coin. This particular metal is malleable, but when minted properly, it gives off a slight blue tint, making it extremely rare and valuable as a currency type. Several thousands of this coin were minted, but they have become more rare in modern times.    Due to the Dwarves being the race who had found the metals used for creating the currency, they are often known to work for the many currency exchange facilities, as well as banks, treasuries and other establishments that work with currency and value systems. There is a workforce in the Dwarven race known as the Mintmaster, who is charged with taking the metal and shaping and sizing it down to create the coins, which is a long process that can usually take days to create even several hundred of any currency, although there are groups that focus on creating each value so as to spread and equalize the workload.    Other currencies known to exist around the world are the Piso (used by the Histian Empire and named after Proculus Maecilius Piso), the Rivic (Used by Vibricanth), the Feather (Used by Olgath), the Shell (Used by Ethlemthos) and the Petal (Used by the inhabitants of Moth). Of these other currencies, the Petal is thought to maintain the smallest lowest value of them all, and cannot be exchanged for the Feather or the Rivic, although it holds access to the Lodarr, the Piso, and the Shell since the three currencies have values closer to those three than the Feather and the Rivic.
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