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Diamond Airlines Flight 1783

Diamond Airlines Flight 1783.
  Lost, crashed.
  Taking with it the two pilots and their engineer.
  On the seventeenth of April, in the year nineteen-thirty, the Diamond Airlines Flight 1783 was on route to the southern city of Pristine after having dropped off a full compliment of seventy-six passengers at Diamond International Airport, as it had been scheduled for maintenance at least three days prior but had been unable to meet the scheduled maintenance due to a full week of passengers trips that were to be made beforehand.
  The flight had logged several hours' worth of successful flying with only minor issues recorded by the plane's computer after they had taken off from the airport, at around seven-eighteen am that morning. The only thing they had noted was a slight malfunction in the plane's navigational systems, but they were staying close to the coastline and were flying by visual to make sure that if for whatever reason the compass and systems did fail, they would have a somewhat reliable source of information to follow during the subsequent trips along the coast, as it was common for coastal flights to follow the western coastline of the country for their flight patterns, regardless of where the flight was heading.
  But on this day, something went wrong.
  As they were passing into the northernmost airspace of the city of Palon, the pilot and co-pilot were suddenly heard by the air traffic control of the nearby airport complaining of several sudden technological failures, one of them being the navigational system and another being, of all things, the pressure locks for the airplane's doors, and that they were searching for the airport in order to make an emergency landing to make repairs. The air traffic control acknowledged this and opened one of the runways to expect them, and went on standby.
  But thirty minutes passed. Flight 1783 never arrived.
  Forty-five minutes passed. The pilot came onto the air waves once more, but the sound of pressured air could be heard in the background, as could the sounds of the plane flying unevenly, which assumed that they were having trouble with the engines. The last thing the pilot said was that they were attempting to land the plane after a sudden descent and loss in altitude. Just before the transmission cut off, the sound of someone screaming could be heard, then there was a mighty splash. The line went silent, and the Palon airport immediately began to send a rescue team to the last known position of the airliner.
  They were found thirty-six hours later, submerged in five-hundred to seven-hundred feet of water, with the craft still intact save for the port-side door and the windshield broken by the impact. All three crew members perished, either by blunt force trauma or drowning in the depths.

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