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The Demon Tavern

The Demon Tavern is the most popular Inn in all of Draconia and probably the world. I have only seen it in person once in my life but exceeded all of my expectations. The hotel was constructed in the skeleton of a massive dragon and I have never seen anything quite like it. I doubt that I ever will again. When you first walk in you are greeted by a humble dining area located in the dragon's maw. If you continue your journey however you will pass the kitchens and storage rooms in the hallway of the dragon's neck until at last the neck gives way to the chest and you are greeted by the great hall. It is impossible for me to describe the great hall in all its glory. You will simply have to visit it yourself but I will do my best nevertheless. When entering the great hall an elf would find himself facing a room of over a thousand patrons each sitting around one of the many massive long tables that run along either side of the room. The walls are largely made of wood but the ribs of the dragon are still very visible from the inside and they eventually run all the way down the gargantuan hall to frame a massive hearth that guards a fire somehow large enough to light the entire hall. It is true that all manner of dangerous and suspicious characters can indeed be found somewhere within The Demon Tavern; but, Evan Fox rules his property with an Iron fist, and even the Vampire Princess Harlequin Wraith was not willing to start a fight when one drunk fool started yelling when she beat him at cards.
An excerpt from Celie a famous elvish writer and traveler
A pub built by the Fox family it was named after its most common customers, Demons. Although the tavern does serve anyone willing to pay a high price for the family's homemade ale and wine. it is the only successful pub that knowing allows demons as patrons. As long as no one causes a scene they're welcome to stay as long as they like.  

Notable Staff

The Demon Tavern is a massive family-run establishment that houses not only the extended Fox Family but over six hundred guest rooms. Beyond housing rooms, the tavern also sports a seven-hundred-foot-long great hall that spans the length of the ribcage of the dragon that the bar was built in and a number of smaller specialized rooms that serve many purposes. Obviously, such an establishment requires a massive amount of staff and all of them are vital to the tavern's survival but there are a few extra notable members of the staff that deserve special mention.  

The Demon Prince Nadagor, the Demon Overlord Alastair Hellfire, and The Seven Deadly Sin Lubick:

Technically none of these demons are official members of the staff or the Fox Family but due to the terms of The Fox Family Safeguard these three demons are tasked with the protection of the tavern should it ever come under serious threat. They rarely interfere with the workings of the tavern beyond this obligation but because the tavern was only built because of the deal Sebastian Fox made with them in his youth they get an honorable mention.

Lucian and Aidan Fox:

The eldest of their cousins both Lucian and Aidan work tirelessly in the gym in an effort to become even more effective bouncers, and thus, contribute to the family business. Both brothers border at inhumanly strong and their physical strength combined with the magical damping field created by Chessirilis' skeleton means that each brother is more than capable of overpowering a vampire or weak demon should the need arise. They are a large part of the reason that nobody is ever willing to start a brawl within the walls of the tavern.

Rebecca Fox:

One of the most influential members of the Fox Family Rebecca is The Demon Tavern's most beloved bartender watching her serve drinks is almost like watching an acrobat on a tightrope. She is never standing still but is quick to joke and chat with anyone who sits at her bar, and because of her love for practical jokes, many of her beverages are enchanted by her cousin Leo Fox.

Purpose / Function

The Demon Tavern was built as part of a deal between three powerful demons and a young man named Sebastian Fox. The simple agreement changed his family's destiny forever.


All manner of folk calls The Demon Tavern their home for sometimes months on end. Elves and Dwarves, Vampires and Lycanthropes even Demons and the occasional Angel can be found living side by side. This obviously means that tensions in the tavern are always present but every member of The Fox Family have been trained since birth just by living in the tavern to recognize and deescalate such tensions whenever possible. This combined with their steadfast rules about brawling and the battalion of Dragon Slayers stationed outside means that these tensions rarely burble to the surface. However Sebastian Fox was no fool and from day one he knew that if he wanted to serve members form every race he would need to let them attack each other in they heathiest ways possible. To this end he started a number of weekly arm wrestling tournaments. There are always games that anyone can join on any given day, but each day has a special scheduled tournament that players sign up for. Every Monday is set aside for a Dwarves VS. Elves championship. Humans VS. Catfolk is on Tuesday. Vampires VS. Dryads takes place on Wednesdays. Dragon Princes VS Giants on Thursdays. Fridays are Demons VS. Angels. On weekends friends can get together in multiracial team to compete against their personal rather then societal rivals. On the rare Occasions that a God and a member of The Kilamarane are both present in the tavern they the tournament is postponed and the everyone gathers to watch the divine powers.


The Demon Tavern was originally a small bar in the middle of the skull of a massive Dragon, but, as time went on and the Fox family grew, the tavern grew with it until it became a sprawling almost maze-like establishment that quickly grew beyond the confines of the skeleton it started in.


The Demon Tavern was originally built by Sebastian Fox as part of a deal he made with the Demon Prince Nadagor, the Demon Overlord Alastair Hellfire, and Lubick The Demonic Sin of lust. On one of his many adventures, he found himself forced to strike a deal with some of the most powerful demons in Hell. All he had to do was run a tavern that would serve demons for the rest of his life, and in return, they would kill the dragon that was terrorizing his hometown. The Demons held up their end of the bargain and killed the dragon; so, Sebastian was then forced to hold up his. He deiced to build his tavern within the skeleton of the dragon just outside the city of Valos, and he and his wife ran the tavern for the rest of their lives. At first, Sebastian resented the task; but, as the years went by and his children and grandchildren were all able to live together so they could work for the new family business he was so grateful to the demons that he proudly renamed the establishment from "The Fox Family Pub" to "The Demon Tavern". It was in this manner that what was once one man's obligation became a family-wide passion, and The Fox Family became one of the most renowned names in the world of professional hotel owners.


while it is no secret, it is also not common knowledge that The Demon Tavern services demons on a regular basis. Patrons come from across the globe and many of them have no idea that they are sharing a bar or dining room with demons. Those that do know the truth are almost always working for one of the major political powers of the world and are staying at the inn for diplomatic reasons of some sort. Evan Fox makes it a point that his tavern is neutral ground for all and many geopolitical powers choose to meet there over beers rather than in a heavily armed castle with high tensions. Whatever their reasons for being there nobody is ever bored during their time at The Demon Tavern. Over the years the Fox Family has grown into a true clan. Only about half of the family is ever working as service at any one time. The other half is either sleeping or entertaining the guests. Most of the family will spend their nights off singing in the great hall or resting in their rooms; but, other members of the family-run card games on their nights off. The three wildest cousins in the family even started a group known as The Fennecs that gets together to dance on their nights off, despite their parent's disapproval.

Family-Owned, Family Brewed

The Demon Tavern is a very isolated pub, and because of this getting shipments of supplies is extra expensive and extra time-consuming. Therefore the Fox Family decided long ago to manage their own Vineyard. being only about a square mile in size, it is not a large vineyard but it does its job. It is because everything is made in-house that the Fox family is so renowned for their beer and wine. Few beverages can hold a candle to the flavor of Fox Fire Wine.  

Exotic Customers, Exotic Security

Despite its general isolation The Demon Tavern is only a few miles south of Drake Mannor, and after Simon Drake was forced to step in to help break up a brawl between a Dragon Prince, a minor Demon, and the Vampire Prince and Princess Christian and Harlequin Wraith it was decided that the tavern needed a more substantial security team. In Excanhge for a periodic shipment of Fox Fire Wine Simon Drake offered to provide that team in the form of a full battalion of Dragon Slayers. Such a battalion has been stationed outside the tavern ever since and while they are not allowed to guard inside unless specially required they certainly deter trouble makers.
Founding Date
1054 AC
Alternative Names
The Fox Family Pub
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
The Demon Tavern is built within the skeleton of an ancient and powerful dragon and this provides much more than a pleasing aesthetic. Although no one knows how magic strong enough to persist so long after death came into the dragon's possession; it somehow did, and her skeleton is surrounded by a magic dampening field that prevents all but the most powerful magic users from casting even a simple spell.
Owning Organization
Characters in Location


Author's Notes

This article is by no means finished, and I will be ever working to make it better before this month's contest is over but I wanted to post it and maybe get some feedback. I hope you enjoy it :)

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This is a pretty cool read, and yeah your not done but it already has a good base. There are some small grammar things that can be picked up on with a slow read through. Is there menu item that they sell that cater to demons in particular? How do the make the ale and wine, where do the ingredients come from? Do they own a vineyard nearby or do they get supplies from the deal made with the demons? Real cool read mate

Mar 9, 2022 02:30 by Ranger Marcy

Thank you so much for this comment it meant so much to me that someone cared enough to leave one and all your comments really helped me fill in some gaps (hence the fact that I added a vineyard in their backyard) I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner but I really didn't know what to say to convey how happy I was someone had read it. I know this sounds like I'm exaggerating but I promise I'm not.

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