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The Blood Steel Blade

The Blood Steel Blade created by Dracula at the behest of his brother Saxon who wields it as his weapon of choice. Sporting a blade black as the darkest night with blood-red edges and a hilt that strikes fear into the hearts of any who look upon it The Blood Steel Blade is one of the most fearsome weapons ever made.

Manufacturing process

The sword was forged in the blood of the Dragon Akahi after Saxon  killed him in the battle of The Vampire and the Dragon originally a normal blade the dragon's blood stained the steel red and though the obscure art of Necormancy it became a true wepon of death. Cool to the touch but capable of inflicting major burns while simultaneously trapping the souls of its victims within its wicked hilt.


The Blood Steel Blade is the greatest symbol of Vampire power as it drains the life force from not only its victims but its also its wielder. This makes it impossible for anything except a vampire to wield, a fact that they are rather proud of.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Location
Current Holder
Related Condition
The Blood Steel Blade was forged using vampiric Necormancy and dragons blood. Because of the rarity of those two materials, no one has ever tried to recreate the weapon, it's one of kind.

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