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1128 CE

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For centuries Rengoku has been a land of relative prosperity with few wars and a sense of community between nations. This has been in no small part due to the complete dominance of the region by the Empire of Tengoku. The economic and military hegemon, Tengoku has ensured peace between its neighboring kingdoms, whether by diplomacy or by force. Turmoil looms on the horizon, however, as the Empire's aging beuracracy struggles to deal with internal strife.   As powers shift and alliances crumble, so too does the natural world react. Spirits once dormant for generations rise once again to reclaim what was once theirs.   Eastern hordes threaten to destroy the millenia long balance, Southern crusaders claim their Goddess has been reincarnated, and a deadly disease is said to be ravaging the countryside. In a world accustomed to peace, who will rise to tame the growing disorder.