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A continent unified by a tyrannical empire, where the last bastion of hope lies within the very far reaches of the realm. For many, the Renfallen Empire has been around for as long as anyone can remember, but there was once a time when they were nothing more than a small collection of bickering city states. Today, the Iron Hand of the Father holds as tight a grip as possible on the citizens he rules, and all opposed meet a swift and deadly end.   Alchemy and ritual magic are the ties to the planes of magic, as the divine entities that once ruled the metaphysical plane loosen their bond as breakthroughs in science keep occurring. The empire is connected via vast train networks, and telegraph lines that span the entire continent. Freedom and Liberty are scarce in Renfall.   Outside of the confines of society lies treacherous terrain, where monsters and the like tend to brew. Those few who attempt to stake out a living on the frontier rarely survive for long, but for some, it can be far better than living within the walls of Renfall. Many revolts have been quickly quashed, as the empire is the biggest beast of all, and cannot be tamed.

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