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From 1983 to the current year of 2019, Hurricane, Utah has been nothing but full of mysteries and missing persons reports. From Fredbear's Family Diner to Rockstar Pizzeria, a tale of murder, grief, supernatural events, and arson could be told. With it all done with, Fazbear and Circus Baby Museum holds the history and items of the past. This museum is packed full of new discoveries and mysteries!  

{ Remnatural is a FNaF AU that takes place between 1983 and 2019. }

  The games take place in this order:
+FNaF 4
+FNaF 2
+FNaF 1
+Sister Location
+FFPS / FNaF 6
+Ultimate Custom Night


The fangame storylines that are connected to this AU are:
+POPGOES Storyline
+FNaC Storyline