Mabel’s Moon Manual

Mabel's Moon Manual is a magical book owned by Mabel Bloodsworth. Mabel found the book in her possession shortly after arriving in the Remaining Realm.  

Finding the Manual

The book was an extremely useful find. Its cover contained an image of Mabel's moon, that would become real and shine on her whenever she needed to summon her lycanthropic abilities. In actuality, the moon of Mabel's world was actually stored inside of a pocket dimension within the cover.   Normally in her own world, Mabel would not need a book to transform - as the inherent power of the moon could be channeled through all living things. However, outside of her world Mabel found she could not channel this ability, as a different moon had different properties.  

Other Magical Properties of the Manual

Mabel began to quickly appreciate the moon manual's other properties as well. It was almost as if it was designed for Mabel's use specifically.  

Infinite Storage

The book could keep track of seemingly infinite writings without ever changing size. When Mabel filled every page, the book would become blank. When she needed a previously erased page, it would appear again as if it were always there.   Mabel eventually found that she could reorder sections of writing on command, and even absorb writings from other books. With no limits to the book's usefullness Mabel used it as her journal, and also kept backups of other important books from the conservatory.  

Offensive Language

During experimentation with the book, Mabel realised that she could command the letters to jump off the page towards combatants. This meant that Mabel no longer even needed to transform into Lycan Subscrybe in minor combat encounters, she could just use words as her weapon. Literally.  

Page Turner

Similarly, the pages of the manual could remove themselves to attack enemies, send messages, or assist Mabel. These pages would always return to the book.  

Trusty Tome

The manual seems to have a personality of its own, and follows Mabel everywhere. It understands her even when she transforms, and can even function as a translator.
Item type
Book / Document
Creation Date
30 BPF
Current Holder