Ryan McLelas

Ryan McLelas is a businessman by day and by night a man desperate to keep his city from ruin. His corrupt and crumbling hometown of Relek City is looking down the barrel of a crime syndicate turf war, and at times he feels the darkness is inevitable.   Striving to keep the peace, Ryan and his two brothers share a criminal alter ego named Klepto. The undercover role allows him to put the McLelas fortune to work seeking and stopping dangers to the city.   Ryan's acceptance of his Ohanzee ancestry grants him the guidance of a telepathic creature called an âme. His âme takes the form of a German shepherd named Romeo, who is almost always by his side. But sarcastic counsel from a dog is not all his predecessors left behind: Ryan has the joy of unraveling his curse of supernatural hearing, an ability that works wrong as often as it works right.

Fast Facts: Appearance

  Hair: Long, black-brown hair
  Eyes: Dark brown
  Skin: Tan with warm red undertones
  Build: Tall, Muscular, Fit
  Distinct Features: Broad cheekbones, wire-rimmed glasses (non-prescription), cochlear implants, earpiece in right ear
  Style of Dress: Black or blue suits, oxfords
  Unique Mannerisms: When worried, runs his hand through his hair to tug it tight at the back of his head or reaches to pet his dog if Romeo is by his side.

Strengths & Virtues

  • Physical Strength: Strong, Hand to Hand Combat-Ready
  • Superpower: Super Hearing
  • Skill: Public Speaking
  • Skill: Business Management and Negotiation
  • Skill: Sign Language

Weaknesses & Vices

  • Physical Weakness: Occasionally deaf; requires a specialized earpiece to manage his ability to hear. Feigns a need for glasses.
  • Fear: Oops! Spoiler!
  • Tendency: Takes too much on himself, rather than leaning on the few people he trusts and letting them do what they do best.









Human, Ohanzee
President of McLelas Financial
Alter Ego
Current Location

Vigilante Mine
Vigilante's Dare


Character | Jan 18, 2021
Zach McLelas
Character | Jan 18, 2021
Jay McLelas
Character | Jan 18, 2021
Amanda Werner
Character | Jan 19, 2021

Notable Events and Ages

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Ryan and his brothers grew up in a split household--that is, their mother stayed with her Ohanzee people and their father was a type A workaholic who spent most of his time in Relek City and in the office. Though not divorced, their parents shared custody in both environments by alternating visitations. The brothers as a result grew more reliant on each other than the pair who passed them around.   Ryan was born deaf, and his father and mother argued over body alterations, as these were against Ohanzee beliefs and any kind of implant to improve his hearing would result in him not being able to return to tribal lands. Still, Ryan's father had a view of what his eldest son should be responsible for, and didn't see his heir of being able to conduct business without hearing his opponents.   During one of the custody arrangements when his sons were in Relek City, their father took Ryan for a cochlear implant surgery. As a result, their mother no longer trusted her sons' well-being to their father and she relocated to the Old Town district of Relek City, a majority Ohanzee area which eschewed cultural standards and embraced more of life in the city. Custody arrangements changed; she acted as sole parent while their father threw himself into his work and built the McLelas fortune.   Turnabout being fair play, she also petitioned for her sons to be granted the Ohanzee âme trial, and despite her husband's opposition and efforts--particularly in Ryan's case--she managed to get each of them there in time to participate.   Things changed after the Ohanzee Virus. Their father pushed Ryan into "business bootcamp", seeing the new quarantine as a way to resume training his heir. The emergence of his power made this difficult, but his father saw it as a way to gain inside knowledge on trade agreements, and put Ryan to work learning how to control it so he could use it.   Though resistant at first, Ryan soon had a reason to lose himself in that training: Witnessing the Old Town Fire, a tragedy that killed their mother. Business reps tried to ply Ryan with women, thinking they'd be able to get a stronger position at the negotiation table if he put in a good word with his father. His father showed him how playing into someone's expectations--and yet subverting them--would give him the upper hand.   Ryan determined from there that he ultimately must learn to steady his power and become strong enough to protect his brothers. Powerful enough to punish those responsible for his mother's death.
  Long Story Short...er
  • 6: Cochlear implant surgery. For the first time, he can hear how much of a pain in the ass his brothers are, as they quickly jump to calling him "Ry-borg", only to giggle and run away when chastized by their mother.
  • 13: Ryan completes his Ohanzee âme trial against his father's wishes.
  • 17: A devastating virus wipes out the Ohanzee people outside of Relek City, which includes tribal elders. A vast amount of Ohanzee ritual knowledge is lost. The Ohanzee in Old Town are quarantined in their district, and it is only McLelas wealth that allows the brothers to sneak in to see their mother.
  • 18: His Ohanzee 'gift' kicks in and plows through his implants, but the Ohanzee left alive don't know how to help him. This is also the earliest year the brothers know of that their father took up the mantle of Klepto.
  • 21: A devastating fire levels Old Town and destroys what's left of the brothers' Ohanzee ancestry--taking their mother with it.
  • 22: Ryan's reputation as a playboy begins.
  • 24: Their father kidnaps them on Jay's 21st birthday and reveals himself as Klepto. Relek City is far darker under the surface than they'd believed, and their father expects them to help him keep crime at bay. The brothers are thrust into survival and combat training.
  • 26: All three brothers tie for most eligible bachelor in Relek City. Their father quickly moves to pull Ryan's brothers out of the limelight.
  • 28: Their father dies. The brothers take over Klepto's mantle. Ryan discovers research that their father had begun into their Ohanzee heritage, and turns to an acquaintance and linguist, Brennan, to help him decipher the glyphs. In exchange, Brennan has an odd request, but he agrees to let her pretend to be different women to continue his media-necessary string of "one night stands".
  • 30: The events of Vigilante Mine!

More Facts: Personality & Peopling

First Impressions

  • Shrewd, Ruthless Businessman
  • Relek City's Sexiest Billionaire
  • Different Woman Every Week

With Family

  • Older Brother
  • My Word Is Final
  • Everything's Fine, Stop Worrying
  • Prefers to be Klepto to Keep His Brothers Safe
  • Playboy Image is a Cover for Klepto

Behind Closed Doors

  • Exhausted by Responsibilities
  • Determined to Solve All Things Himself
  • Shares Fears with Romeo
  • Guilt-Ridden over Crime Syndicate Turf Status
  • Still Wonders if He Could Have Saved His Mother

Baseline Attitudes

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Author's Notes

Ryan's supernatural hearing was inspired by my own experiences--at least the broken parts of it! Growing up my eardrums would frequently rupture, which resulted in deafness in junior high and a high amount of scar tissue now. I got to experience that fun in my 20s and 30s as well, though only went deaf twice from that and for weeks instead of months. Regardless, neither school nor work meetings are easy when one has to read lips!

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