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Relek City

This town ain't unicorns and rainbows. Relek City is blood, betrayal. Business.
  In a country where food is rationed and gas prices have spiked beyond the realm of affordability, the government has lost control of regional conduct and cities like Relek have plunged into an open field of war for organized crime.   A cease-fire existed for many years, orchestrated by a few high powered and wealthy individuals. A few months after the start of Vigilante Mine, this arrangement broke, and now the city is highly contested.   Multiple crime syndicates have an almost undeterred run of the city streets. Sellers and buyers of vices and illegal goods are as common as the corner coffee shop. Frequent curfews after dark arise due to anticipated criminal activities, and are put in place not to prevent crime but rather to keep innocents from becoming tangled in it.   The criminal groups have made a concerted effort to populate higher echelons of society as well as law enforcement, government, and commerce with their own people. The corrupt infrastructure is understood by the populace by a lack of action--the average person is essentially on their own--but there are still those who fight against this becoming the standard.   There are those in the light--and the shadows--who want to see Relek City as a place of hope once more.
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Outside Relek City

The planet of Pluton is home to superpowered humans, lavish corporate platforms, and hi-tech advancements. Unless you're living in The Golden Regions of Xubriox.   The supervillain Xubriox powers a thus-far impenetrable dome over the continent and country where Relek City is located. From the outside looking in, the dome presents a view of a utopian paradise, but inside the dome, a dystopian world reigns. Cities and townships crumble at the edges, lawlessness running rampant and technological advancements languishing far behind as no resources can be acquired from the outside.

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You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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