Relek City Series Paranormal Romance by Cera Daniels

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Welcome to Relek City, a city on the edge of anarchy, its veneer of civility crumbling at the edges. Hardly alone in its plight, Relek is one of many cities, towns, and states under the rule of crime families in the Golden Regions of Xubriox. Luckily for this city, the innocent are far from alone--and the shadows hide more than criminals.   Relek City is the setting for Vigilante Mine, Vigilante's Dare, and the upcoming Vigilante's End!    

Vigilante Mine


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Though Vigilante Mine and Vigilante's Dare are both published, I am releasing weekly chapters of each book with added images and an expanded exploration of the world here on the WorldAnvil platform. You can preview each book as you would at one of their ebook or physical book vendors, however the rest of the special edition books require premium access through a Patreon or Ko-Fi subscription.   By supporting my work at even the lowest subscription tier you'll have access to the books and to some secrets across the Relek City Series pages. Readers supporting at higher tiers gain access to bonus content such as private articles and short stories set in the same City. Writer subscribers get an indepth look at my creation process for places and people, working notes, and editing pass comparisons. And it's not just Relek City you'll be gaining--because Patreon and Ko-Fi support all of my writing and authoring quests! Review the subscription tiers for specific details about which additional series and tools across my writing portfolio you'll unlock.

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