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The Gifts


The Gifts represent the three gifts to humanity and the world from the pantheon. There are three in total and they make up the basis of widely accepted Rekhoan theology.  


The First Gift marks the beginning of everything. It is the first thing handed down from the gods which gives the world itself shape and form.

The goddess Komaeni, Lady of the sea, and the goddess Mounrac, Lady of the earth, had warred for time uncounted, battling for what would be their share of the physical world. Their stalemate drew on for ages until the day when Komaeni finally surrendered, graciously agreeing to cede half of the planet to her rival, the land. In this treaty the world was given stability.

The First Gift is the gift of Peace.




The Second Gift also comes from Komaeni. Shortly after her cession of the land to Maunrac, she reclaimed moved to exploit a loophole in their agreement. The land was swept with budding life, seeding the ground with forests and meadows and beasts, reclaiming ever more of the world for her own than the half she had agreed.

The Second Gift is the gift of Life.




The Third Gift comes many ages after the second. When the gods conveined and found themselves conspiring in a new plan unknown to the likes of men. They each parted and came down to earth and reached out to their chosen people. From them five nations were formed, each taking in part of their patron.

The Third Gift is the gift of Magic.

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