"Rejisea, the Realm Above. This is no heavenly or afterlife realm but a world where the supernatural is intricately weaved into the history, beings within, and elements of its existence. Gods and their creations have meaning, here."
— ??
  Rejisea is a supernatural world that exists high above our own. It seems stuck within and yet more advanced than times past, with flying sail ships abound, slower yet more efficent technology, traditions and customs of old, and cultures that have long since integrated with others in ours.  

The world of Rejisea

Rejisea is the hub-world of Hierarchy of Deities and Echoes of the Little Gods, a series and a subseries, respectively.   It is a world that, while vastly different on the outside and surface-level, is tightly connected to ours in an almost literal way; the gods and deities from nearly all of Earth's pantheons and their creations have meaning, here. It is the Realm Above Earth, but it is not the Land Above Earth—that location is not visited...yet.   Rejisea is a world largely unknown even to me. Because of this, the vast majority if not all of the articles created, as of May 2020, will focus on Sahīleth, Rejisea's Lower Realm.  



Named after the deity Sahī, Sahīleth is the home of beings called the faifeth. It was once their home and theirs alone. Now, it is a host to faifethi and their corrupted counterparts, ghasts.  

Recurring themes

Corruption, physical and mental. Even the bravest and sanest of souls can be tainted. Even the kindest and wisest of souls can be swayed into committing terrible acts. And some, unfortunately, are simply made that way.
Intrigue and treachery. Some mysteries are millennia-old, and the dead will tell their tales. Treachery, however, is seeded deep, and one never knows when they could be stabbed in the back, for whatever reason.
Understanding, both compassionately and intelligently. Learning to be kind to oneself, to others, and to let the past rest. If possible at all...
While not exactly a "theme", I would also like to remind that music, in some way or form, has a strong presence in Rejisea's cultures.
  • Power is pride...most of the time. The more power one has, the more one is expected to carry responsibilities and is esteemed. The opposite can also be said. The weaker one is, they may be more useful than expected.
  • If one is too powerful, they can be feared by all and everything.
  • Don't get bit. Cover up. Wear a mask. But not too many...
  • An excessive amount of individuals say they know all, but not all fall under simple truths. It's a twister of confusion, lies and secrecy.
  • Layers must be shed to find the hidden core of one's true self.

Themes, con't.

Military influence: There be armies, large and small. Sometimes the smallest of armies can do the most damage. And sometimes, the largest of armies are...well, nearly useless.   Technology: Steam meets wires and concrete; sometimes it meets dirt. The technological competence varies in cultures and peoples. Some don't like to use one, and some prefer one over the other. In any case, all are seen as normal. The military uses more technology than even royalty and nobility.   Race relations: Indrahti and faifethi. Ghasts and their half-kind. Being xenophobic can make one the monster they so fear.   Religious influence is somewhat minor but present. Cult of personality meets autocratic theocracy.  


Rejisea is a supernatural world with body horror, fantastical elements, and deep-seeded treachery and mysteries as vast as the realm itself.  


The intention is for one to experience Rejisea with a sense of intrigue and hidden secrets, and I also intend for one to feel angered and saddened by the actions within, at times.  


It is a place of nobility and pride...on the surface. In actuality, there are horrors, both literal and psychological, and the world is a dark, mysterious place one can never be too wary of.


Rejisea was created by the Ōversōl, a being which split itself into two: Khabē and Sahī. Khabē was given to the indraht, Sahī was given to the faifeth. The two species lived in harmony until the first lies seeped into the minds of the wretchedly greedy.   A horrible war between them caused the Left to know the truth, passed down throughout their stories and histories, and the Right to remain ignorant, as passed down through lies and schemes. Now, another war hovers above them, but this time, it is brought about by one of "their own"...  
"There are no noble actions. Only noble intentions. Change is unpredictable, and, sometimes, impossible."
— ??


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