How to navigate Rejisea

This article is a work in progress. Last update: 9/16/20
  'Lo! This is a short article that tells you how you should navigate this WA homeworld, Rejisea. I am your host, Mar Qaroll. Firstly, welcome to Rejisea! Thank you so much for joining or visiting this world! Let's get right into things.  

Table of Contents

Rejisea is essentially meant to be read in order of the TOC. That means, the best place to start is under Metadata.  


This here to the left is what the full TOC under Metadata looks like. Here, you can learn about Rejisea in an informal, personal narrative than the more Wikipedia-like articles that come in other categories.   Again, you're going to want to go in order of the TOC. In this instance, it means to start at Introduction, not the category Informational. Under Informational are the articles explaining how and why the stories that Rejisea is comprised of came to be. They are named after their stories and series.   I highly recommend going for said category next.


Did you know that Rejisea is part of a larger world? It is called Paneidoverse, and you can visit it here on World Anvil! Just click the link, and you'll be right there at the information hub.


This is the part of the article you really want to read. Here, you can read the entire "map" of the world according to "topic". I tried to make this as interesting as possible, so have mercy on me.  


Information on the HoD series

Challenges, etc.

World lore

  • Ōversōl (deity)
  • Illiasmir (deity)
  • The Bababéka'lan (myth)
  • Whole War
  • Creed of Liars (document)
  • Rafan Bei'lan (myth)


  • Forløpere (terrorist/militant group)
  • Imperial Faifethi Army
  • House of Wasihl (family) WIP
  • Order of High Generals (military order)
  • Araḫlā Calendar (calendar)


  • Faifeth
  • Indraht
  • Ghast
  • Hybrid
  • Bakebite
  • Saujacha trees
  • Jacha algae



  • Earth
  • Rejisea



  • Sūn Palace
  • Forløpere Headquarters


  • Faifeleth Megalopolis WIP


  • Vadeen Wuan
  • Igni
  • Saynab Rath-Ankhir
  • Rhasti Zafahr WIP
  • Yua Wasihl WIP
  • Aiyül Wasihl WIP
  • Shabir Rath-Ankhir
  • Jupta Rath-Ankhir
  • Quan Ruǎn WIP
  • Zuleika Wasihl WIP


  • House of Wasihl


  • Faifethi soldier


  • Spirit (metaphysical law)
  • Elemancy (spell)
  • Corrusion (condition)
  • Verder (material)
  • Blooddrunk (condition)
  • Toàn Scrolls (item)
  • Tenk'ha (title/rank)
  • Solar power (technology)
  • Bloodlust (condition)
  • Shüüjacha (material)
  • Blood gauntlet (item)
  • Ichor (material)
  • Thunderstorm (natural law)
  • Vizard code (language)


  • Wasihl conspiracy
  • Voices (newspaper)
  • Ukuō Boat WIP
  • Noble Guard


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