Creed of Liars

The Creed of Liars is a contract created by the first four Chōrō in the year of 451 1A. It was formed as a method to bind Jupta Rath-Ankhir, Ourno Nemes, Negwai Voranon, and Zuleika Wasihl into keeping the truth of their existence and the true power of their people a secret.   While it was never officially named, Zuleika gave it its moniker. She also kept the moniker in the documents she hid in an underground grotto.  


The Creed came into being at a time when the faifeth were at their highest in ability and might. It was created to keep that power with the royal houses, as there was a fear among three of the four signatories that their poeople would possibly become powerful enough to demand for democracy instead of absolute monarchy.  


The first draft of the Creed came into being as a mockup. At this time, the Creed primarily consisted of personal fears, intentions and ideas the four companions had. Several concepts in the mockup creed included:  
  • The entire lineage of Faifeth Royalty will be aware of the Truth
  • If a member of the lineages were to speak the Truth to commoners, they will be executed without prejudice
  • Execution for the lineages will consist of assassination
  • If by some chance a commoner was to learn the Truth, they will be executed on the spot
  • If there are queries of the execution, this act shall be announced to the common people as high treason
  • A House will not speak out and tell the Truth
Contract, Private
Authoring Date
451 1A
Expiration Date
Sūn Palace
Signatories (Characters)

Final Creed

For the final Creed, several of the concepts given by Zuleika were inevitably shot down by popular vote. She was cajoled into agreeing to the Creed's final concepts by none other than her close friend, Jupta. However, he gave her a quiet promise on his honor as Tenk'ha that several of her ideas would be honored.  

The Houses shall abide by the Creed

This ascribes the agreement that the Houses will firmly abide by the Creed by their own will. Before they ascend to leadership, every person in line to be head of their House will swear before their previous sovereign that they will abide by the Creed.  

The Houses shall hold the Creed above all else

This ascribes the agreement that the Houses will and must kill their own family members and close companions if the Creed is breached.

A House member told the Truth shall not speak the Truth

This explains that if a member of the Houses were to speak publicly of the Truth or were to tell another, regardless if they are also a member of the House, they will be executed on the account of high treason.  

The Creed shall not be amended

This explains all the possible ways the Creed may not be amended, be they intentionally or not. Instead, it will remain untouched in the Sūn Palace.

The continuing Houses' lineage's firstborn shall be told the Truth

This explains that if a rare situation was to arise in which there was no firstborn child, the next person in line for the throne by birthright will be told the Truth.   This is done regardless if the person is of the main branch or not. It also states the person or child must be competent and mature enough to be told. Otherwise, the Truth will be told to the next person in line.   Furthermore, the person who knows the Truth cannot die before the Truth is passed down...  


Zuleika's betrayal

Despite her verbal agreement and bloodoath to keep the Creed, Zuleika was unable to do so as time went on. She saw the disintegration of her people's power, their ignorance, and the control of their minds the Rath-Ankhir dynasty held over them.   Broken-hearted, she created the Toàn Scrolls and hid them far from the Sūn Palace with the hopes that someone in her family or even anyone would learn the Truth and stand up against the House of Rath-Ankhir.

Rhasti's betrayal

Yeayai, the child of the House of Wasihl who inherited the Truth, told the location of where the Scrolls could be found to Rhasti Zafahr and a young Igni around 5260 2A. Despite this, she did not tell where the Scrolls' exact location was. In a way, this kept her from "directly breaching" the Creed.   Eventually, the Toàn Scrolls were discovered. This inevitably led to Rhasti betraying Queen Saynab Rath-Ankhir and waging war against her.


The Creed was written on stone paper and is currently held in a chamber within the Sūn Palace. It is the only item located within this chamber, but not a single member of the royal families are allowed to look at it. The words of the Creed are passed down orally.   After the Lies of the Traitor's War, whispers have arisen if the Creed truly existed at all...


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