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"Every god has a higher god. Some would call this common knowledge, others would call it fact, and there are naysayers who call it blasphemy. Regardless, the gods themselves know the way the 'verses operate.   Or so they think they do.   When the reset of existence occurs and the reversal of life prevails, what can the gods do? They are the highest, the almighties. Every god having a being greater than them is stunning, at least, and terrifying, at most.   They are given no choice but to submit to these higher powers, bend to their will, when those gods betray them."

High above the clouds resides a realm with familiar peoples, recognizable cultures, and awing technology just some centuries behind our own. Rejisea is the young world of the faifeth and indraht, two warring species not quite as different from one another as they would wish. These species, not so strange to the human eye, have powers and abilities bestowed upon them by their deities—the same deities as those as seen in our world.   Hierarchy of Deities and its subsidiary series, Echoes of the Little Gods, consist of supernatural intrigue stories heavily inspired by Earth's many cultures, the manga Bleach, and the glorious world of metal music. The series is written by Mar Qaroll, a budding novelist who has completed three National Novel Writing Month challenges and four Camp NaNoWriMo challenges since 2017.
Hierarchy of Deities is a work in progress and may contain elements only suitable for adults.