Pieter-Jan Egberink

Commodore Pieter-Jan Egberink

Sailing career

Pieter-Jan Egberink was born in Groningen and joined the Trading for Profit Shipping Company three days after he turned fourteen years old. Where he first served as a sailor with the deck crew and made it to the rank of Boatswain in three and a half years.

At eighteen years old he went to a Nautical University, and got his license to sail as an officer. Now at sixty years old he's still sailing for the TPSC as a Captain. Making him the longest serving captain of the company and thereby the Commodore.

Order of the Bee

Trough his mother he became a knight of the Order of the Bee and in that capacity helped quite some people move them selves or their stuff with his ship, always without the Dijkstra's knowing about it. He had to decline a position as Officer in the order twice as he thought he couldn't do that while also sailing. But in his free time he helps out the Magistrate at Doorwerth Castle.

Victory ball

Bobby was talking with some other engineers in a corner, about something technical, Rose didn't understand half of it, and that was if she was being generous with herself. When an elderly man approached her, full white beard, very very stereotypical for a seaman. If you had to draw a captain, you'd draw him. "Captain" He started, with a slight bow. "Do you dance?" The music had been playing for a while and many others where moving on the dance floor, and Rose knew better then to ask Bobby. "Yes please" Rose grabbed his held out hand. He was a good dancer. "Who, if I may ask am I dancing with?" Rose asked. "Oh pardon my impoliteness, I'm Pieter-Jan Egberink, Commodore of the Trading for Profit Shipping Company."

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Cover image: by Johannes Plenio
Character Portrait image: TPSC Commodore flag by Jacob-W


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