Maritime Law of Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein is a landlocked country in Europe. Does not border a sea, ocean, large lake, small lake, river, channel or any other form of water that can be navigated by ship. But because Liechtenstein is part of the European Economic Area it is supposed to implement thousands and thousands of pages of EU legislation regarding shipping. The government of Liechtenstein thinks this is way to much trouble. And simple has never done it. Therefore there is no Maritime Law in Liechtenstein

There is no shipping register, a ship cannot fly a Liechtenstein ensign in foreign or international waters.


Rose was watching the small RIB bounce around the anchorage. It was from the Harbourmaster's office, and seemed to be stopping at all the newly arrived ships. The Sunset Dawn was already here for a day, and Rose had gone ashore to the harbour master to register them, so they could avoid a visit to the ship.

Never the less, the small boat circled the Sunset Dawn, to slow down next to from where Rose was looking at them. "Miss. What ensign are you flying?"
"Liechtenstein." Rose shouted back. In the mean time checking out of the corner of her eyes where the rest of the crew was in case they wanted to board.
"Ah thank you! we were just curious. Have a nice day!"
"Have a nice day." Rose called back, and waved.

It was Peter who had started using the Liechtenstein ensign on the Narwhal, after he found a book about Liechtenstein Maritime Law in a second hand book store. The book was a joke from a bunch of lawyers from Liechtenstein. The first page explained there not being any laws, and after that the pages were empty and it could be used as a notebook.

Ensign of Liechtenstein by Jacob-W

Liectenstein Maritime Law - The world's most useful law book by picture by Jacob-W

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


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