Jacob's New Year's Resolutions '23

10 Articles I've read, and what I've learned from those.

Item | Dec 18, 2022

That you can turn something as simple as a waffle into a magic food source, and write it in such a way that readers are hungry for it.

Species | Jan 30, 2023

Rusty ol' fellas.

Something I learned from multiple articles from Tillerz, is that a short article is also a good article, they don't all need to be novella's.


I'm going to keep this the same as I always have.
Have Fun with world building. Together with the friends I've made via World Anvil.
— Jacob-W

More specificly:

Red Sunrise

This remains my main world, I want to continue to expand the world of Red Sunrise, publish more of the prose, expand the prose I have. But also shuffle some chapters around. Create a timeline or chronicles to replace the current incomplete one.

De Kronieken van de Drieëntwintig

My Dutch world, which started me wanting to be on WA. It's big and cumbersome in my brain. But I think the practise I had over the years I'm here now, has finally put me into a place to work on it without being overwhelmed (as I was before). Also this needs a timeline or chronicle to keep it clear, even for me.


The newest world, steampunk/ industrial revolution dystopia. Explore it more.

Castle Winter

The idea was to world build solely with conversations. The rough story line is in my head. I should write some articles just to see if I can get it out.

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


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13 Jan, 2023 21:22

Great selection of articles! :D Good luck on your resolutions - Castle Winter sounds really intriguing!

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14 Jan, 2023 11:27

Thank you Q.

13 Jan, 2023 22:44

I'm honoured to be included and good luck to you this year with all your writing and worldbuilding endeavours!

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14 Jan, 2023 11:27

Good luck to you too! :)

14 Jan, 2023 13:47

Excellent choice of articles :D have a great year of inspiring worldbuilding!

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15 Jan, 2023 11:45

Thank you TJ, same to you!

23 Jan, 2023 14:48

Thanks for mentioning one of my islands from this WE! ^^ I should have guessed you would pick the article about an island that houses a large fleet :p

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24 Jan, 2023 12:38

XD yeah I knew someone would comment on that fact lol.