I solemnly swear to participate in World Ember, uhm I mean Summer Camp 2021

Which project

I write purely as a hobby, for my own fun and joy. That is the purpose and the goal at the same time. Participating in Summer Camp will give me some interesting (I hope) prompts to further my hobby. Doing it together with all the other Anvilites, Chatting on the WA-Discord, I enjoy very much. Looking over each other's work, leaving likes and comments and feedback which helps other people along, I enjoy. Thinking up crazy ideas and rationalizing their mechanics gives me fun.

So I am the project.

Pirate flag Rosalind Abigail Oak
Black Ensign of Rosalind Abigail Oak. by Jacob-W
JAAA lets do it, 31 prompts! It's a 2,5 month weekend anyway. :D

Which world

This one, the world that holds this Pledge Document: Red Sunrise. Unless it really doesn't fit in the prompt, then I'll move over to my second world (which was my primary world but things flipped somewhere, somehow, I guess) De Kronieken van de Drieëntwintig(Dutch)

Which area

The world of Red Sunrise doesn't consist of many land areas. Mostly happens on the water. Although that is also an area of course. But I'd like to give my characters more character, So ideas leading there I'll try to prioritize. But ultimately I will write where my inspiration leads me.


For World Ember 2020 I said, "I will participate." And I will not say more than that to myself this time. For WE that led to 31.000 words, If that will be the case this time, I think not, As there are much fewer articles to be made. But I will see how it goes, the goal is to have fun. With an additional result of more world. If I get close to finishing all 31 I will for sure try. I'll not leave it at 9 or 19, I know myself. I'll squeeze out that one extra for that badge because badges are cool :D.


I got holidays, I can write from dusk till dusk everyday for the whole month of july. Obviously I will not, I still will sleep eat and do grocery shopping.
AANND I'll celebrate my birthday on the 8th, so I need to bake a cake.


The most awesome people in the WA-discord! The friends i've made there (Yes I call you friends). I'll try to bounce ideas of them if I'm stuck, and be there to bounce back offcourse.

Otherwise I got severall shelves of books on shipping and ships, from the papyrus raft to the modern ocean liner. Atlasses, news articles. Plenty pictures of ships and nautical things, to draw inspiration from.

I did make a Red Sunrise discord, because i was trying out the possibilities of World Anvil, but nobody has joined yet. No pressure ;p

Summer Camp Articles

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12 Jun, 2021 20:52

I like that you said you are the project! XD Good luck with Summer Camp! Let's all have a fun time! :D

12 Jun, 2021 20:56

Thank you Emy :)

Summer camp! Check my pledge here. There is a list of all articles in there too.
Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
12 Jun, 2021 21:32

Psyched to see what you write during Summer Camp!

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13 Jun, 2021 03:24

Thank you, Chris! As I said, I got holidays so I got the time, and the excitement.

Summer camp! Check my pledge here. There is a list of all articles in there too.
Master jkoster
Pax Sequoia
12 Jun, 2021 21:33

You've got some great ideas, and I like the approach you're taking. "Just Write" seems quite appropriate, and I wish you the best luck!

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13 Jun, 2021 03:25


Summer camp! Check my pledge here. There is a list of all articles in there too.
Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
13 Jun, 2021 16:04

I hope the prompts help inspire your worldbuilding and guide you towards your wider goals! Best of luck with Summer Camp this year!

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
13 Jun, 2021 18:28

Thank you Sailing Ocelot.
Same to you, good luck with the prompts, may they fit your needs.

Summer camp! Check my pledge here. There is a list of all articles in there too.
Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
13 Jun, 2021 16:44

Good luck with Summer Camp! I'm looking forward to read what you come up with!

Author of Ealdwyll, a fantasy world full of mystery.
13 Jun, 2021 18:29

Thanks, Wendy, that's really nice to hear.

Summer camp! Check my pledge here. There is a list of all articles in there too.