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Ensign of Liechtenstein

Maritime law of Liechtenstein

Just as there is no Maritime Law of Liechtenstein there is no official ensign of Liechtenstein. And yet this is the flag the pirates use alot to hide their true nature.

Ensign of Liechtenstein

The supposed Ensign of Liechtenstein is a regular flag of Liechtenstein with a swallow tail cut into it. It was Captain Peter James Jacobson of the Narwhal who designed it, well he just cut out the corner of a regular flag of Liechtenstein at roughly 45 degrees.

After the Narwhal, also Rosalind Abigail Oak Captain of the Sunset Dawn uses this ensign to hide their true identity as a pirate vessel. And after the demise of the Dawn, the ensign will fly again from the mizzen gaff of the Red Sunrise.

Flag of Liechtenstein

The flag of the Principality of Liechtenstein is a biclour flag. Divided horizontally, the top half is dark blue, and the bottom half red. In the canton a golden princly crown is drawn.

Ensign of Liechtenstein by Jacob-W
Flag of Liechtenstein by several via wikimedia commons
Known vessels flying this flag
Sunset Dawn
Red Sunrise

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


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