Catoblepon (a.k.a. Cato)

Catoblepon was last seen in the Drinkz in Plage de Sable, and before that in The Last Drop ale house, where she is now, is unknown. But probably somewhere luring lost unsuspecting adventurers to go on pointless quests.

Cato is a young, cunning business woman, whom trades in information. She travels from place to place hunting rumours and gossip to gain an advantage of her knowledge. Often she performs her business in bars, pubs and restaurants, preferably in the latter part of the night. When her customers are not always thinking straight anymore.

The thing is, though, Catoblepon sells only false information. She loves to send people onto pointless errands, quests to non existing treasures and adventures to long-lost knowledge that never even existed.

Why does she do this? Well, you need to make a living somehow, and what is not better than to make a living out of the stupidity of other humans? She just loves the chaos she creates with her sales. But the love for that chaos is also the dangerous part of her job, as she cannot help herself to be close to the chaos when the plot unfolds and the search is found to be pointless.

This desire to watch the chaos first hand has brought her into dangerous situations in the past, but her wits has always gotten her out of harm's way. And it sure didn't stop her pursuing this career.

Cato is a wizard with her computer. Frequently she sets up fake websites, or goes as far as hacking major news outlets, and think up articles out of thin air. All to create a paper trail in support of her false treasure hunt.

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Author's Notes

This article is in response to the 14th Advent(ure) prompt of 2022; Create a character inspired by someone else in the World Anvil community. — #WorldEmberInspired

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