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Reborn Stars

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For millenia, the galaxy was empty. Its previous inhabitants wiped out, their monuments razed, leaving barely a trace behind. All that is left of their greatness are a few precious scraps for the next generation of species to squabble over. The galaxy was dead.   Now however, one by one more and more civilisiations find their way to the wider galactic scene. As empires expand, mysteries and technologies are discovered and wildly different ideologies come in contact with eachother a new scene is set. Once again, traders huddle from system to system in the hopes of profit, politicians play their schemes on interstellar levels, and diplomats meet eachother in a part of an ever continuing game for galactic dominance. The stars are reborn.   Reborn Stars is a science-fiction world which focuses mostly on the cultures and histories of the various ethnicities in the galaxy, as well as the ideologies and many political games of the various galactic powers. I try to keep to real science as much as I can (with some notable exceptions like jump-travel and force fields), though I'm not a scientist so I do screw up a lot. Still, Reborn Stars is mostly a setting of dyson swarms, O'neill cyllinders, submarine-style space warfare and so on. The main inspirations for the setting (outside of real history) are Star Trek, Stellaris and the youtube channel Isaac Arthur.   Also, note that this world is a collaboration between Aquos and Biologicah, but neither of have a guild membership currently so this world will contain mostly articles by Aquos