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The colossal darkwood of the Kingswood is Reaths largest unbroken forest, miles and miles, weeks and weeks of traveling to pass through, even as the crow flies, which is nearly impossible due to the unpredictable undergrowth and terrain.


The Kingswood sprouts out from around the River Seren as it cuts down through the continent, thinning out to the north and south as the temperature rises and falls too much for its trees to flourish.

Fauna & Flora

Home to a vast quantity of beasts and plants, notably the titanic Ironwood trees, which are prized across Reath for the strength, quality, longevity of their lumber, as well as the sheer quantity they produce.   Wolves, bears, bees, birds, and other, larger beasts roam the shades forest floor- poorly documented as the Kingswood has never even been successfully mapped.

Natural Resources

Animal hides, herbs and lumber.
Alternative Name(s)
Deepwoods, Kings-coffer
Owning Organization

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