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Ankalagon the Black Took Ankalagon as his chosen name after claiming the throne. (a.k.a. Tyrant of Anakos, Lord of dragons)

One of the first of the dragon kings, Ankalagon took his name after claiming to be personally blessed by Anakos, God of might, the suffix "Agon" meaning beast in dragon tongue, and Anka being a loan word used to indicate mighty or glorious, after Anakos descended to Reath.   Widely regarded as the pinnacle of draconic rulers for many era's, Ankalagon was slow to act, slow to anger, but quick to victory. Many courtly tales of him end abruptly, with him swallowing the offending noble or troublemaker whole, before returning to sleep.   So long did Ankalagon live, that he holds the record of largest dragon to factually exist, wing spam being measured in miles, and teeth many times larger then a man.

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