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Cold Ones

The cold ones are a species of demihumans created through an overuse of the powers of the Primordial of Water, at least its cold/ice aspect. Unlike many other demihumans, they aren't intrinsically hostile to humans. They also inhabit biomes generally hostile to continuous human habitation, resulting in theoretical lack of reasons for clashes between baseline Mankind and the cold ones.   As a result, cold one communities - typically in the Antarctic interior, the Arctic region or at the high attitude where the temperature is comfortably cold for them - tend to live on their own, ignoring the existence of baseline Mankind. This has began to recently change, with the cold ones growing increasingly agitated over the raise of the temperature due to the global warming.

Basic Information


Cold ones's natural body temperature is about minus forty degrees Celsius, their blood and flesh having biological components radically different in the materials used to the baseline humans. Their perception of temperature is tilted, the cold temperature being pleasant to them (unless in excess), and the high temperatures being seen as actively harmful and carrying high risk of hyperthermia.   Their 'comfortable' temperature range varies from -5C to about -60C, with lower temperature level becoming harmful to their 'blood' circulation due to approaching its freezing point. As a result, their permanent habitation areas are typically limited to places where subzero temperatures are normal for overwhelming majority of the year.   Their body has a tendency to crystalize when exposed to air. The result is a naturally forming icecap blocking the bleeding when injured, which overtime has its surface segment be shaved off while the lower segments transformed back into a flesh, making them heal from all but the worst of injuries without medical attention. They are also surprisingly resistant to physical damage, aside from vital points such as brain or heart.

Biological Traits

Cold ones have a tendency for blond or white hair, and a slightly 'transparent' feeling skin that somewhat ressembles ice in texture. They are often described as 'extremely beautiful', in a slightly 'inhuman' way, being believed to be the origin behind the yuki-onna myths in Japan.

Genetics and Reproduction

Cold ones can only interbreed with other cold ones. This isn't, however, due to biological incompatibility. Cold ones are perfectly capable of being impregnated by baseline humans, however due to their extremely low body temperature the process might be lethal to their partner. Unless magic is used, such intercourse is simply impossible.   Even then, if it somehow happens, the chances of pregnancy are much lower than normally - there is an approximately 50% chance of the child being a cold one - which, if the mother is a human, will be lethal to the fetus, making it a case of a basically instant miscarriage. Similarly, if the mother is a cold one and the child is a human (or other demihuman), there will be a miscarriage.   The pregnancy lasts for about nine months and is otherwise not very distinct from a normal human pregnancy.

Ecology and Habitats

Cold ones inhabit areas where subzero temperatures take over at least 3/4 of the year, with the remaining 1/4 of the year not having a particularly high positive temperatures. Their settlements are typically made of ice, shaped with magic. They also have a form of agriculture, typically organized with a help of some plantlife from Elsewheres that can live with very low amount of light and subzero temperatures.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Cold ones enjoy relatively normal assortment of food. They are mostly resistant to food poisoning due to their highly divergent biology (the temperature alone making them immune to most bacteria), however tend to cook their food before letting it drop to a cold, but not subzero temperatures before ingestion. They appear to have a particular fondness for ice cream and other types of food naturally intaken at subzero temperatures.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Normal human sensory capabilities, aside from a slightly bigger sensitivity to temperature changes.

Cold One


Type: Demihuman
Subtype: Primordialbound
Status: Tolerated
Estimated Numbers: 80 000-150 000
Censor's Veil: Displayed as humans.


Creator Power: Primordial of Water
Alignment Status: Varied
Sanity Damage: Vulnerable
Corporeal Stability: Vulnerable [High Resistance]
Magic: Ice Magic [High resistance to side effects]


Combat Behaviour: Varied/Mage
Threat Rating: 2-4
Physical Damage: Vulnerable
Magical Damage: Vulnerable
Glyphs: Immune
Notable Vulnerabilities:High Temperatures


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Aug 1, 2022 13:42 by Cassandra Sojourn

I really love the description of the cold ones, particularly the impact of global warming on their people and the dangerous surrounding reproducing with anybody who doesn’t have their same body temperature.

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Aug 4, 2022 23:51

Pretty cool species, pun totally intended. Definitely hooked me into the world, thinking about the rising tensions between these different sort of humans as the baseline wrecks the world around them.