Ancient of Reflections

Ancient of Reflections is a Power - one of the godlike rulers of both the Material Reality and the Elsewheres. Like in the case of other Powers, it's unknown how exactly it looks. This is especially true with that particular Power, as Ancient of Reflections is typically considered to be among the most mysterious and elusive of all Ancients.   Ancient of Reflections is categorized as an Ancient due to its perceived malevolence, its tendency to be very hard on sanity and how murderous most of its spirits are. Towards everyone who isn't its cultist, and sometimes even despite that. Its cults tend to be mysterious and maybe a tiny bit loony, but all that mystery sometimes hides a very malevolent face.   No one knows how does the Ancient of Reflections look like. There isn't even any way of portraying it, as according to most of the cults it either doesn't have a 'look', or it's a transient reflection that cannot be described nor drawn or sculpted.

Tenets of Faith

Ancient of Reflections is all about manipulating perceptions, mirrors and illusions. Surprisingly many of its cultists are former stage magicians (or perhaps current stage magicians). Others are a bit more complicated to describe. Particularly skilful thieves sometimes fall that way. Sometimes scholars who are interested in Elsewheres, as the Ancient of Reflections can make every mirror a gateway into some unfathomable places - and, perhaps, its own Elsewhere.   Illusion, deception, intrigues and mirrors are common themes. Expect rituals and beliefs shaped alongside those themes. The 'truth' itself tends to be seen as an affront to the Ancient of Reflections unless concealed by misinformation and kept as a secret.


Type: Power
Pantheon: Ancients
Aliases: First Lie, Lord-In-Mirrors, The One Who Lives Behind.
Alignment: Malevolent [II]

Aligned Entities





Aligned Spells

Aspect of Reflections


Aspect of Illusions



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