Ancient of Flesh

Ancient of Flesh is a Power - one of the godlike rulers of both the Material Reality and the Elsewheres. Like in the case of other Powers, it's unknown how exactly she looks. Even her gender is less a well-defined being and more a linguistic convention.   Ancient of Flesh is categorized as an Ancient due to her perceived malevolence, the tendency for inducing body horror on people and the fact that her cults are a major problem. Any attempt to draw or sculpt an image of her will result in a humanoid whose facial features and even gender appear to shift periodically.   This occurs regardless of the artist's plans on how to portrait Ancient of Flesh.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

No 'official' symbol exists, but most cults appear to integrate a bloodred anvil into their iconography. Lunar symbolism is also rather common.

Tenets of Faith

The most major tenets of all cults following the Ancient of Flesh is that all changes to the flesh are sacred. Expect tattoos, piercings and plastic surgeries (or flesh shaping magic) to be extremely common among its members. The higher you go in the hierarchy, the typically less human-looking the cultists are. Most of the elder cultists are so inhuman that the Censor displays them to the Non-Initiates as their past selves.   Once a cult develops, you can expect him to establish contacts (or open) various body-changing businesses. Your local tattoo or piercing shop might be a front for the Ancient of Flesh cult. Plastic surgeons in the clinic next door can be high-ranked cultists. The hospital that is known for many gender-transition operations can be a cult headquarters. For as long, as it includes change of flesh, it'll be seen favourable by the Ancient of Flesh.   Unfortunately, if there is one thing that you can expect from her cultists is that they are extremely skillful in inflicting body horror, often on those that attempt to hamper their operations... and, sometimes, on anyone that they can.


Type: Power
Pantheon: Ancients
Common Aliases: Moonlit Anvil, Composer of Flesh, Shaper of Clay
Alignment: Malevolent [III]

Aligned Entities





Aligned Spells

Lore of Flesh

Skin Removal
Piercing Boneblade
Rending Claws
Mend Flesh

Aspect of Blood



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