Ancient of Cogs

Ancient of Cogs is a Power - one of the godlike rulers of both the Material Reality and the Elsewheres. Like in the case of other Powers, it's unknown how exactly it looks. It isn't even known if it actually 'looks' in conventional sense.   It resides somewhere within the Elsewheres. Where exactly that is, or how that place looks is unknown. Actually attempting to visit that place would most likely end up with going instantly insane and then ceasing to exist entirely.   Ancient of Cogs is categorized as an Ancient due to its perceived malevolence. In a way, the Ancient of Cogs is a divine embodiment of industrialized evil, overseeing the concept of creating and changing things, but in a way that's typically utterly devoid of morality if not actively opposing it. Exploitation of the workforce, mad science, weaponry created to violate rules of war, things designed to destroy - or worse.   Ancient of Cogs is typically pictured as a a clumb of cogs and mechanism shaped into a remotely humanoid form, sometimes wearing a robe with nothing but cogs visible under the hood.

Tenets of Faith

Ancient of Cogs is all about research, production and creation. Taking things and changing them into others, especially when mass production of things is involved. Many of its cultists are factory workers and managers, industrial companies CEOs and sufficiently amoral researchers that are willing to break rules in their strive for production and creation - especially when things seen as 'questionable' by the world are involved.   You can expect body modifications (typically machine in nature), factory lines producing a variety of things, experiments (also on humans), explosions and Geneva Convention ban list being treated as a checklist. "Abandoning restraints" (all type of, really) in the pursuit of the art of creation is a crucial element of the Ancient of Cogs' doctrine.


Type: Power
Pantheon: Ancients
Aliases: First Engineer, Perpetual Contraption, Machine God.
Alignment: Malevolent [V]

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23 Aug, 2022 22:03

I like this article. The Ancient of Cogs and his cult would make for formidable villains. I can see how a supernatural entity based on technological and industrial development at any costs could be a compelling object of devotion for those who don't see the ethical and practical downsides of that path.

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