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Right Hand of God Uniform


The Right Hand of God is a religious and scientific organization based in Idamonta. These are some of the uniforms worn by its members.

Grunt Uniform

Components & Symbolism

  • Headband
  • This optional part of the uniform is designed specifically to keep sweat out of the eyes of the person wearing it. While it is not required for daily dress, it is encouraged.

  • Chain necklace
  • This heavy chain necklace is meant to symbolize the shackles placed upon society by the Aberrations.

  • Bullet proof vest
  • While it is rare for the Aberrations to use guns -- or indeed, to be capable of affording them -- the grunt of the Right Hand of God all wear protective Kevlar vests to protect them from those they are trying to capture or take.

  • Shirt
  • This khaki shirt sports deep green cuffs, as does several other parts of the uniform. The khaki is a holdover from the army uniforms in the United States during the Silent War, but the green is specific to the Right Hand of God.

  • Belt
  • All Right Hand of God members are required to wear belts.

  • Gun (and holster)
  • In order to protect the Right Hand of God facilities, all grunts are armed. They are told to use these guns to protect civilians from the Aberrations also, although they are encouraged to shoot to maim rather than kill, as all Aberrations are considered prime experimentation material.

  • Pants
  • These khaki and green cargo pants are part of the standard uniform for the Right Hand of God, worn by all members.

  • Boots
  • Another standard part of the Right Hand of God uniform, these tactical boots are equipped with green laces.

  • Rifle
  • These guns are uniquely equipped to handle not just bullets, but also paralytic darts. Paralytic darts are to be used with extreme prejudice upon the Aberrations.

  • Cross pendant
  • All members of the Right Hand of God are required to wear or carry a cross pendant at all times.

Commander Uniform

Components & Symbolism

Many of the items worn and used by the Commanders are also worn and used by the grunts. These items will not be covered here, as they are detailed above.

  • Hat
  • The hat worn by the Commanders of the Right Hand of God is reminiscent of the hat worn by their glorious ancestors. Incorrectly referred to by the Right Hand of God as a fedora, it is in fact a trilby.

  • Shirt
  • This shirt is equipped with Kevlar shoulder and elbow pads. The main body of the shirt is the usual uniform khaki, with green decorative cuffs.

  • Tactical vest
  • This Kevlar vest is similar to the ones worn by the grunts, but with more pockets.

Scientist Uniform

As with the Commanders, there is some carryover between the grunts and the scientists. Most of these non-unique items will not be detailed here.

Components & Symbolism

  • Sweatband
  • Similar to the headbands worn by the grunts, this uniform item is also optional but encouraged.

  • Scrubs
  • These are designed to put the Aberrations at ease. It does not work.

  • Lab coat
  • The pockets of these lab coats are filled with sedatives for unruly Aberrations who do not want to be experimented on.

  • Gun (with holster)
  • Not carried by all members of the Right Hand of God Science Division, some still opt to carry the gun for protection from the Aberrations.


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3 May, 2021 18:18

I don't know anything about the story, but it seems intriguing! The Hero Forge models really add a lot of depth to the article, as it allows readers to see the uniforms. Great job!

~TimeBender~ Attempting to become a jack of all trades with a variety of hobbies that interest me!
3 May, 2021 21:39

A well-constructed article with lots of details! If I had one suggestion, it would be to perhaps add some sort of overview paragraph at the top, to help the readers get an idea of what this is all about. It might be a good place to add some additional cultural details too - are these uniforms something that brings fear or hope, or... And so on :)   You say they are required to wear a cross-pendant at all times. What happens if they don't? What if they lose it? Or someone steals it?   Is it an evil prank by bullying soldiers sometimes?

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
6 May, 2021 08:18

Nice article :D   Regarding the headband, I'm wondering about the type of weather, my mind directly went to tropical they have since they apparently sweat a lot? But I don't think that's the case in that part of the world. So do they wear the headband because they are very physically active?   How efficient is the bullet proof vest in protecting them in reality? Maybe it can protect them against levitation-based powers, but other types of power?   "reminiscent of the hat worn by their glorious ancestors." Do you refer to a particular period of history here?   Do the scientists work in a lab or outside? Because labcoats are worn in the lab but then they shouldn't sweat enough to warrant sweatbands :D Or is it just a fashion statement that has been chosen by the hierarchy and now everyone is condemned to wear it?

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6 May, 2021 12:51

This is great! I really like the layout as well.

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7 May, 2021 23:49

This is really useful for fans of the series. I suddenly understand things that are going on that I did not initially in the book (figured it would be explained or I missed it somewhere, so not saying that's a bad thing.) Well done!

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9 May, 2021 23:08

Nice read! I like the way you explained each part of the outfit. Especially 'These are designed to put the Aberrations at ease. It does not work.'. That one made me chuckle :p

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29 May, 2021 01:47

Am I safe to assume this is an after apocalyptic earth setting? I'm intrigued to read more! Your costumes give off a good vibe, and the use of the HeroForge models is well chosen.

Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
12 Jun, 2021 15:46

I really like the time you took to explain the three variations, and I think the art adds a lot to this well-written piece.

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