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Realms of Thoma

1252 A.B.

A land not fully tamed by civilization, or the gods for that matter. A land inhabited by peoples of all shapes, sizes, and colors, believe it or not. A land where celestial beings, and demonic ones as well, walk among people who either believe in both or pass them off as tales told by fairies. I have spent my younger years traveling all I can from one direction to the other trying to understand the biology and history of all the lands. But I am old now, and adventuring has become harder with each passing decade. As a result of this, I have compiled most of my observations and studies as a encyclopedia of some sort. Many times throughout these pages I will reference personal encounters and experiences as a first hand account of the many creatures and cultures I have stumbled upon. I hope that you will find my writing interesting and informative as you consider traveling across the multiple landmarks and opportunities.   Trud maik’i   Kali tychi   Eg oska lykke   Tuag thu obaith   Kan kaloxed   Khiik pol’za udacha   Ganbarou   Go crossing   Whatever language you speak, I wish you good luck