Considered the knowledge and learning capital of the Twilight Kingdom. Wintertide has a very low population, but is known for having several institutes within its borders that teach all manner of subjects from flora and fauna to arcana and religion. Perhaps its largest attraction however is the massive library located in the base of Hailstone tower, which features the entire collection of the Lich's writings and story books, as well as a score of other long forgotten documents and even newly created pieces of literature.


Run by its baron, Mavren Fain.


Wintertide inhabitants mainly fall under two categories: the professors and mentors at its several schools, and the students that attend. Money is made through tuition mostly, as well as a few trade houses made by the students that have graduated.

Guilds and Factions

Sestrupen College, The School of Medicinal Sciences / Kliovenheim College, The School of the Arcane and Divine / Yeretaviia College, The School of Flora and Fauna Studies


Many years ago was the home to the snow queen Sareem Faiso, and her home the Aurora Palace. The land was once covered in deep snow and most if not all bodies of water were iced over. That all changed when Sareem left, and then eventually died, at the hands of her brother the Dusk Lich.


A constant incline from its stone bridge entrance to Hailstone tower. Getting to the top of the island is considered quite the trek, as it's not only an incline, but is a rocky, cliffy terrain. The land is practically covered in tall beautiful pine trees.

Natural Resources

Pine wood, stone.

Mavren Fain
Owning Organization
The Twilight Kingdom


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