The Thousand Acre Grave

A massive chunk of land on the Western Continent, the Thousand Acre Grave is very aptly named. Miles and miles of abandoned civilization with a giant battleground between two main halves, this is sacred land shared by both the people of the Rinji Province and the Kikugoro Region. Both groups hold this place in high regard as many lives on either end were lost.   Once upon a time it was constantly patrolled and monitored by forces of both peoples, in an effort to keep all third parties out, and the land respectfully quiet.   This was long ago, and now with the world of the Realms shifting and changing, little time or resources are left in those hollow lands. More and more people have gotten in, and now the land is riddled with bandits, mercenaries, outlaws in hiding, and even proclaimed new kingdoms.   Most of this is rumor, as the groups still stay in shadow in secret. After all there is still a few remaining wardens of the grave, and they don't take kindly to unwanted guests.   One has to ask, was it safer back when the authorities would punish you greatly for the offense of being on their land? Or is this rising crime and grime nation actually the lesser of two dangers?


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