The fire swamp

Even with most of the Dusk Island being populated with various beings and sentient life, the fire swamp still finds itself uninhabited. The fire swamp earns its name from the cinderchrome stone and boulders that dot it's otherwise fairly barren landscape. The few flora that can be found there are especially tough, and the fauna are especially deadly.


Rocky, rolling terrain. Practically impossible to cross by horse. The cinderchrome boulders can often be found on fire for days before going out, and the air is humid and hot.

Fauna & Flora

A few craggenbark trees can be found due to their needles and fire resistant bark, as well as a few different types of bush, but that's it for flora. As for fauna, the fire swamp is home to fire beetles, thargenworms, and supposedly, a hydra.

Natural Resources

Cinderchrome, craggenbark bark

Alternative Name(s)
The charred lands / The Ashenbare
Wetland / Swamp


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