The Dusk Lich

Lord of Shadows, The Dusk Lich

The Dusk Lich was the dark magic imbued ruler of the Dusk Island At one point. The Lich created his army from the bodies of the long dead, and used his incredible dark magics at great length to thwart the plans of anyone that stood against him.   What very few know however is that the Lich was a curious sort, and a being obsessed with stories. He was in fact a writer, and would write the stories of the inhabitants of the Dusk Island moment by moment, storing the books in his massive personal library.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Incredible magical ability / Able to reanimate dead things for his army / Able to possess sentient beings

Apparel & Accessories

Carter Filten’s armor / Carter Filten’s sword / The Summoner’s Staff

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Swayed Shadrin to his side / Revived his dragon Urgha / Swayed Thorsi to his side / Killed Thorsi / Kidnapped Clara / Possessed Carter Filten / Defeated the redcap army / Trapped his sister for years.

Failures & Embarrassments

Failed to possess Rister Reiktoten.

Intellectual Characteristics

Smart / Creative / Curious / Obsessive

Morality & Philosophy

The Dusk Lich only cared whether or not a story was good, and not what happened to the characters and world within it.

Personality Characteristics


To write beautiful stories both tragic and hopeful, and everything in between.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good with the dark arts, not good at dodging bullets from magical guns.

Likes & Dislikes

Liked writing, feeling in control, and a good story. Disliked being rushed, his sister Sareem, and dying for real.


Family Ties

His father (unknown) / His sister Sareem Faiso

Neutral Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Lord of Shadows / The Dusk Lich
Circumstances of Death
Thrown off the Dark Tower by Clara Brixton
Current Residence
The afterlife
Biological Sex
6’3” (in Carter’s body)


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