The Borderlords

A long strip of the Dusk Island dedicated to its leaders and inhabitants, a group for which the district is named after. The Borderlords have the incredibly important job of being a sort of intermediary protector between the Marshlands and the rest of the kingdom. The Marshlands are by no means an enemy to the kingdom outside of it, however it is common knowledge that the land is populated by all means of horrible monsters and beasts as well as many criminals that have fled to it's freedom. The district is populated almost strictly with actual Borderlords, though there are of course some settlements and farms and the like throughout. Each of the Borderlords have a sort of small fortress or at least some form of well built and fortified cabin or home, and they are strategically all built in a long long that forms a sort of secondary border, each of the lords watching their specific territory carefully for any dangerous crossers, whether they be animal or otherwise.


Run by its main lord, Lord Wallace Damfixer.


Most jobs found within the Borderlords territory are that of aid or servitude to a specific lord. Things like keep hands, stable workers, and blacksmiths.

Guilds and Factions

The Borderlords A group of well trained, highly skilled protectors. Guardians of the kingdom from any intruders that may travel from the Marshlands. Both adept at fighting people, and the beasts the swamp produces.


Very diversified in nature, the west most tip of the Borderlords district dips into the omnileaf forest, and as you go farther east it gradually goes to fields and grasslands, to forests of Duskwood and oak, to swampy marsh, and then ends on a patch of pine forest on it's eastmost point.

Natural Resources

Ominleaf trees / Duskwood trees / various woods and floras

Alternative Name(s)
The Gauntlet
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
The Twilight Kingdom


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