Considered the honeymoon destination of the Dusk Island, Shroomlinn is a gorgeous, albeit mysterious chunk of land. Home to the Omnileaf forest, a wood of trees whose leaves are constantly changing between a series of bright and unusual colors. The last region to become open to the public due to its lake, Lake Sanctity, being filled with dead bodies, and also the relocation of and distribution of the rellins throughout the kingdom. Restoration of this land took years, but is now slowly building its way toward being another one of the Twilight Kingdom's well governed districts.


Run directly by King Rister Reiktoten, at least until he can find a fitting baron.


Very little opportunities can be found in Shroomlinn at the moment due to how new it is, but that is quickly changing. It's biggest attraction when it comes to job opportunities are within the many inns and vacation lodges built in it's colorful, magical forests.


Once the home of the island's only Rellin community, Shroomlin used to be named the Enchanted Forest by its inhabitants, who were led by a very evil and power hungry king, who constantly manipulated the very easily swayed rellin population into all manner of swindling, murdering, robbing, and tricking of any poor soul who dared wander into their mysteriously colorful lands. After an attack by Thorsi Woodkin, the Naga, and Kalon Steelbeard, the rellins decided to go to war with the Lich, and were routed as a result. When Rister became king, he made managing and dismantling this strange and manipulated miniature kingdom, as well as dispersing them throughout his world, his main priority.


Perhaps the most unique and beautiful looking landscape of the Dusk Island, the land is covered in colorful, constantly changing oaklike trees, called the omnileafs. It's also known for its large amount of fungi and various types of mushrooms, some that even grow to the size of towers.

Natural Resources

Mushrooms and other fungi / omnileaf trees.

Alternative Name(s)
The Haunted Wood
Inhabitant Demonym
Rister Reiktoten
Owning Organization
The Twilight Kingdom


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