The Marshlands are a very unique section of the Twilight Kingdom, as King Rister has essentially given up almost all power within its borders. The idea is that anyone brave, strong, or otherwise tough enough to conquer land, and make their home there, are given complete and total freedom. The swamps within are incredibly dangerous, and become increasingly so the further you go. Full of all manner of dangerous beasts, anyone within, that has survived any amount of time, are usually well seasoned monster fighters, and incredible survivalists. The Marshlands is also the leading destination for criminals running from the law of the crown.


A completely free section of the world with very little in the way of rule or law.


People come from all around to escape the law and to make a name for themselves. Starting a life in the Marshlands is hard, and bloody, but most of all, its free. Completely free.


At its southernmost half, the Marshlands are pretty much just a massive, ongoing swamp. Little in the way of solid ground, and plenty filled with dangerous murky waters. The farther north you go, however, the worse it gets, as it becomes the fire swamp, or as the natives call it, Hell's Nostril. The land is full of cinderchrome and the air is thick and sweltering. The humidity is almost unbearable, and some say that the beasts within are some of the worst the island has ever seen, and almost all have been rumored to possess some form of either fire resistance, or fire creating ability, and even sometimes, both.

Natural Resources


Alternative Name(s)
The Swamp / Kingdom of the Drowned
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
The Twilight Kingdom


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