Lore of the Lost 6: The Knights Of Valor

King Mirkeni of Valorion may be a well loved man, popular among his people, but even if the whole world seems to love you, you'd be a fool to be a king without guards. Mirkeni is no fool. Almost since the very beginning, Mirkeni has been guarded well by a small elite group of knights called the "Knights of Valor".   These knights are selected from the best the military has to offer, and carefully screened to make sure that they are fit to guard, and are loyal to the king. Their armor is gold with white accents, and their chests and shields usually bear the Valorion emblem, two crossed gauntleted fists, the left hand holds a sword while the right bears a torch. Mirkeni knows most of these men by name and frequently shares dinner with them not only as a way to maintain loyalty, but also to show his love. These men are fierce fighters, and not all stay to guard the king. In times of great need or importance, the king may send a portion of them alongside the army to ensure victory and a job done well.


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