Lore of the Lost 4: The Beggining Of Everything

The Beginning Of Everything At the start of time, there were the Authors, a group of divine and ultimately powerful beings that were infinitely intrigued in the idea of creation. All of the Authors were unique, and their mind's unlike any other of their own kind. Though they were alike in one way, for the Authors found it impossible to create and play with their creation in the presence of the others, and after a war that raged on through the eternal heavens, the father of all Author's, Paizo, made for each and every one of his children, a dimension.   Not a planet, no not even a galaxy, but a dimension in which to create whatever they pleased without worry of the other's interference. All of the Authors used the ideas of one another as fuel for their own ideas, and through a strange union of separation, they made unique and intricate stories and worlds, all of which in some mysterious and wonderful way, interlinked with each other's themes and ideologies. It was easy to see them as the siblings they were. There was only one Author, however, who seemed to think differently from all the rest. This Author saw what the others had created and was displeased. He believed himself able to take their ideas and creations and transform them into something far greater. With all of his divine power, Kleftis created only one thing. A staff. But it was no ordinary staff, for you see, this staff was immensely powerful as it allowed for Kleftis to reach across the multiverse his father created, and pluck anything he desired from it. With this staff. Kleftis populated his world. First with physics, landmasses, and elements. Then with creatures, animals, and monsters. After that came magic, physics breaking tools and practices. And lastly, after Kleftis had added everything he could to his world, he plucked the most intimate and loved of all the Author's individual creation from them. Humans. Not the concept of humans, nor the entirety of their numbers, for Kleftis was not so powerful. No, instead Kleftis snatched scores and scores of individuals straight from their timelines and universes, and finished the creation of his world. Kleftis had made his Realms, that is, the Realms of the Lost.


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