Lore of the Lost 3: The Necro Guard

The most harrowing and brutal tale to ever come from the Necrologue Nation was forged 53 years ago in one of the most solemn memories there are in all the land.   After many years of living in fear of the dragons, the people of the Realms had enough. A brash powerful king who lived on the border of the Nation made an incredible speech and call to arms. King Tundere drew men and women alike to pick up their swords and bows to join him in his grand quest, and in droves they came. The plan was simple, in the spirit of the legendary hero who banished Ruktharma, the new forged army "The Freed", would march in and enact the wrath they felt within. Slaughter every dragon they could find, pierce deep into the land with blood and guts in their wake. To reclaim the wild, for no man can be denied what beast has claimed. The day they marched out of the castle, there were among them nearly three thousand fighters. Men, women, dwarves, elves, redcaps, and many others, all flocking to King Tunderes side.   To give those brave souls credit, they lasted almost one full day. It ended at sunset. Of the nearly three thousand that went in, four men remained. Prince Reyvan, Tundere's son, Marcell Hendrid the crossbowman, Nayvon Borvarst the dwarf, and Kelltrad Rendwicker the beast master. The stories they tell with wide eyes and pale skin haunt any ear that hears them. There was no plan of revenge, nor was there hope in their eyes ever again.   Instead, the four men made an agreement. A sacred pact that they swore to uphold until they drew their last breath. They would act as guards to the Necrologue Nation. Steadfast wardens that would work day in and day out to keep any others from learning the lesson they did all that time ago.   Three of the guard remain, as six years ago Kelltrad was found hanging from a tree, the grief had finally caught up to his hollow eyes. He remains there, as yet another omen of what was to come for those who entered that dark land.   As for the Tundere's kingdom, it was claimed by the dragons and left deserted and empty of human life. Those three thousand went in with hopes to free the land of that cold Nation, yet all they did was expand the border, and fill the bellies of those they despised.


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