Lore of the Lost 2: Twilight’s Rise

The war that resulted in the death of the Lich has been revered by everyone that calls the Dusk Isle home as the darkest, and yet most hopeful time that ever was. The beginning of the light's return was started by what the villagers refer to as the Starlight's Guild. A band of heroic leaders and champions that brought them to victory. The commonly accepted members of this guild were Aala Vants, Rister Reiktoten, Fendall Emson, Benria Nender, and Tallsa Kinny. There are others that are argued as guild members, like the Ice Queen Sareem Faiso, Thorsi Woodkin, and Mortimer Smithson, and others, but this is highly controversial. Many believe in the rumored betrayal enacted by both Sareem and Thorsi, and many more still just don't think Mortimer, and other supposed guild members, make the cut. One thing nobody can argue about however is that in the final days of the Lich's reign, there was such a unity and feeling of hope that has never been felt before, or again. Every last villager and warrior that could, picked up arms, and joined the Guild's great quest. In the end many were lost, and the graves took days to dig, but in the five years that have followed, the people of Dusk Isle have been happy, well cared for, and have experienced the most freedom, success, and bright sunny days, than in all the rest of their lives


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