Lore of the Lost 1: Magic

Magic, in the world of the Realms, is a very broad term. Many people have tried to accurately categorize and profile the magics of these strange lands and discover their ways with varying levels of success.   Perhaps the most respectable and widely accepted view on magical types was found written in a book discovered long ago deep within the Between Lands. The only evidence left of the writer was a signature in the front that reads "Mel' Kathir"   The book essentially states that there are about five quantifiable forms of magic, and which are:   Natural: Plants, minerals, liquids and other pieces of physical nature that seem to fight against the unwritten laws of the planet. Or rather, to churn with them in strange unique ways. This power cannot be harnessed in it's raw form, it is not something you can learn, rather something you may posses through the discovery of said natural object.   Spiritual: This category is the most argued upon as it states in Mel's book that any magic that comes from faith, emotion, or spirit falls under the category of Spiritual Magic. Meaning that dark magic, light magic, and everything in between the two count. Whether you pray to the darkness or worship the sun, though the magic it gives you may differ, it is all of the same type.   Macrocosm: This is the supposed art of drawing power, abilities, and unknown physics or objects from other worlds or dimensions. It is the most unpredictable of all magics, and is considered by many to be the most dangerous. This power works in many ways, each requiring different training and study, but Mel' believed that a few of the worlds it let you tap into weren't so straight forward. He believed you could also use Macrocosm to reach over to the other side of death.   Sculption: The altering of body and mind. The idea of Sculption is one more legend than anything else. It provides the idea that with the proper training and suposedly natural ability, one could manipulate the builds of their bodies and minds to do incredible, inhuman things. Mel' was careful to stress that even he had seen very little evidence of this even being possible.   And finally, Prosaicion: A highly destructive practice of magic that is incredibly difficult to master and preform. This is because it serves as a sort of anti magic. In its most powerful state, Prosaicion could suck all the magic from anything it touched, no matter the power it once had.   Of course, this book was written long ago, so many question it's reliability and more still have proposed their own ideas on what magic is, how it comes about, and how to harness it's power. Perhaps the absolute truth will never come to light. As Mel' said in the final chapter of his book. "The incredible fantastiscism of magic is so astounding and rebust, I for one have the complete belief that it has the power to hide it's own truths from us all, and that it will do so until the final days of the last star in the sky."


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