The Heartlands is considered the agricultural capital of the Twilight Kingdom. Dotted with farms, fields, and small settlements, the Heartlands have been dubbed the "Bread Basket". The Heartlands also features the kingdom's epicenter for horse breeding. The only natural resource the Heartlands don't possess are that of seafood and shells as they are a landlocked district. The Western half of the Heartlands are mostly grasslands, fields, meadows, and flowery vistas, but the farther you go East, the more you'll find forests, and the denser they'll get.


The Heartlands is practically ruled by farmers, and thus, it is the biggest and most commonly found occupation. Others do definitely exist however, some of the most popular being butchers, hunters, tanners, and stable hands.

Guilds and Factions

The Tresvol Family Ranch A large horse ranch that deals in horse breeding, grooming, caring, training, and education. Considered the kingdom's hottest location for all equine needs.


The Western half of the Heartlands are mainly grasslands and fields, criss crossed with the occasional river and stream. It's soil is famously rich due to the thousands of dead trees that all fell at once with the Lich's defeat. A curse turned blessing, people from all across the island, and even small pockets of the near world, come to start their farms in the Heartlands. The Eastern half is forested, with it getting denser as you travel further east. This half of the district is know more for its hunting than farming.

Natural Resources

Incredible soil / water sources

Alternative Name(s)
The Bread Basket
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
The Twilight Kingdom


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